International students enjoy graduation in Edirne

Tue, 28 May 2024 11:24 GMT
International students studying in various departments of Trakya University experienced the joy of graduation.
International students enjoy graduation in Edirne

Thrace International Student Association organised a graduation programme at the Edirne Office of the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB).

Graduation certificates and gifts were given to 20 students from Egypt, Somalia, Yemen, Albania, Kosovo, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkmenistan.

YTB Edirne Coordinator and Trakya University Faculty of Theology Lecturer Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentürk said that international students are the guests of Turkey.

Stating that international students are valued in Turkey, Şentürk said, "In recent days, unfortunately, there have been some question marks about international students. Xenophobia is being fuelled in the world and this is partially reflected in our country. Dear young people, you have been among us for 4 years and you are the best ones to tell the world that this is not the case. There cannot be separatist views and exclusionary approaches in these lands, because these lands are the balance and heir of a huge state where 72 nations live together."

Şentürk noted that international students will tell the world what they have learnt in Turkey as cultural ambassadors.

Trakya University Foreign Relations Centre Director Dr. Lecturer. Prof. Dr Rifat Gürgendereli said that 4,500 international students from 80 countries are studying at Trakya University.

Gürgendereli noted that Trakya University and YTB offer opportunities to international students throughout their education life.

Hakan Çalışkan, President of Thrace International Student Association, said that they opened courses for international students and offered various cultural and social activities.

Stating that they also shared the joy of graduation of international students, Çalışkan wished the students success in business life.


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