Greek search and rescue team: 'Everyone in Türkiye embraced us'

Wed, 15 Feb 2023 10:18 GMT
The Greek team, who went to Türkiye to support search and rescue efforts after two major earthquakes, said that they were welcomed with great interest and love.
Greek search and rescue team: 'Everyone in Türkiye embraced us'

After the two major earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, the Greek team went to Türkiye to support search and rescue efforts, and said that they were greeted with great interest and love.

After returning to Greece, the team affiliated to the Greek Special Disaster Response Unit (EMAK) shared their impressions and experiences at the press conference held at the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection.

Commenting on the "friendship" messages published for the Greek search and rescue team in the Turkish press, the team stated that the Turkish people treated them very friendly and "like one of the family" despite the difficulties they experienced.

Stating that they tried to put aside the difficulties they experienced and try to offer them tea, food, and dessert, the team expressed that they had a very good communication with the Turkish people.

Head of the Medical Team Sokratis Dukas, "Wherever we went, everyone embraced us when we said we were Greek." he said.

The team listed a 7-8 year old boy offering them biscuits, the happiness of the rescued people and their relatives, and the children playing in a park around the rubble among their unforgettable memories.

Efthimis Aravanis, Deputy Head of Search and Rescue Team, mentioned the international solidarity shown in search and rescue efforts within the framework of the European Civil Protection Mechanism, and stated that first aid is always expected from the neighbor and mostly comes from the neighbor.

Aravanis stressed that such solidarity between countries is important.

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