Greek boy from Meis Island was operated on in Antalya

Wed, 26 Apr 2023 7:41 GMT
The child was brought to Kaş by boat and operated in a private hospital in Manavgat.
Greek boy from Meis Island was operated on in Antalya

In Meis Island (Kastelorizo), the finger of a 4-year-old child, which got stuck in the door and was broken off, was sutured in place with the operation performed in Antalya.

Stamatis Basilis Dulos, who lives with his family on the island, which is about 2 kilometers away from Antalya's Kaş district, broke the pinky finger of his left hand, which was stuck in the door.

Competing against time so that the finger could be stitched back in place, the Dulos family contacted Rhodes Hospital because the child needed to be transferred to a well-equipped health institution. However, when the transportation facility could not be provided for the patient's transfer, assistance was requested from the Kaş District Governor's Office.

The child, who was brought to the district by boat upon the approval of the district governor's office, was taken to Kaş State Hospital by ambulance. Stamatis was operated in a private hospital in Manavgat, where he was transferred after his first aid, and his severed finger was sutured.

Father Christos Dulos shared on his social media account that they returned to the island and that the child is in good health.

Dulos shared the following statements: "I would like to thank Türkiye's Port Authority, customs and police, who waited for us for more than half an hour at Kaş Port and transferred our hero. All the organizational and psychological support they gave us during those difficult hours from our arrival to our departure. I would like to thank all my brothers and friends in Türkiye for this. I would like to thank the family of Hurigül Bakırcı Magiafis and her brother Emre, who were with me from the first second to the last minute."

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