Third Ismail Kartal era begins at Fenerbahçe

Fri, 30 Jun 2023 9:37 GMT
Fenerbahçe's new coach İsmail Kartal is preparing to start his third term at the helm of the Yellow-Navies.
Third Ismail Kartal era begins at Fenerbahçe

İsmail Kartal, who played football for many years in the yellow-lacivert club, also had his first experience as a coach under the roof of Fenerbahçe.

İsmail Kartal appointed as technical director at Fenerbahçe 

Kartal, who worked at the club for a long time both as a youth manager and assistant coach, took charge of the team for the first time as a technical director in the 2014-2015 season.

In the said season, Kartal played 34 matches in the league and achieved a point average of 2.18 with 22 wins, 8 draws and 4 defeats. Fenerbahçe finished 2nd in the league that season, 3 points behind Galatasaray, after the team bus was shot at.

In the Ziraat Turkish Cup in the same season, Kartal had 7 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats in 11 matches and eliminated in the semi-finals.

At the beginning of the season, İsmail Kartal won the cup by beating Galatasaray in the TFF Super Cup.

Kartal, who left the team after the 2014-2015 season, coached Eskişehirspor, Gaziantep, MKE Ankaragücü, Çaykur Rizespor, and Konyaspor respectively.

In the middle of the 2021-2022 season, Kartal started his second term at Fenerbahçe. In the said period, the Yellow-Navies had accumulated 32 points with 9 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses as of the 20th week of the league and was in the 5th place, 17 points behind the leader.

After the arrival of İsmail Kartal, Fenerbahçe finished the league in 2nd place with 12 wins, 5 draws and 1 defeat in 18 matches, 8 points behind the leader Trabzonspor.

Kartal managed to achieve a 2.28 points average in his last term. That season, Fenerbahçe lost 1 match in the cup and 2 matches in Europe under Kartal and bid farewell to the aforementioned competitions.

Fenerbahçe played a total of 67 matches in all competitions in 2 seasons under Kartal, winning 41, drawing 16 and losing 10.

İsmail Kartal played a total of 52 league matches at the helm of the yellow-navy team, recording 34 wins, 13 draws and 5 defeats with an average of 2.21 points.

He left with applause
İsmail Kartal left the team with applause after his second term at Fenerbahçe.

Kartal, who came to Fenerbahçe at a time when the team was performing badly and showed a good graphic and made the fans smile, left his duty at the end of the season.

Kartal, who was invited to the financial congress with his family, completed his second term at Fenerbahçe amid tears and applause.

For the 2nd time under Ali Koç
Kartal was brought in charge of the team for the third time at Fenerbahçe and the second time under president Ali Koç.

Kartal, who worked with Ali Koç for half a season in his first term, was dismissed from the team despite his successful performance and replaced by Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus.

President Koç, who could not achieve the championship he expected with Jorge Jesus, saw the hope of the championship again in İsmail Kartal and appointed the experienced coach for the second time.

Most successful local coach
İsmail Kartal stands out as the technical director with the highest point average among the local coaches working at Fenerbahçe.

Kartal, who achieved a point average of 2.21 during his tenure with the Yellow-Navy, is at the top in this field.

After İsmail Kartal, the coaches with the highest point averages at Fenerbahçe were Mustafa Denizli with 2.16 and Aykut Kocaman with 2.08.

On the other hand, Kartal achieved a higher average score (1.88) than Mustafa Denizli, Aykut Kocaman and Ersun Yanal (1.88), the local coaches who led Fenerbahçe to the championship.

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