We elected our mufti, you continue to deceive yourself with your puppets.

Thu, 15 Sep 2022 10:23 GMT
Western Thrace Turks stand by their cause despite the pressure and threats of the assimilationist state mechanism.
We elected our mufti, you continue to deceive yourself with your puppets.

Western Thrace Turks stand by their cause despite the pressure and threats of the assimilationist state mechanism. They demonstrated determination in this matter in the Mufti election held on September 9th. The Xanthi Turks bravely chose their Mufti in mosques, ignoring the sticks that the deep state showed under their cloaks. The minority did not bow to the threats of the Greek regime, because it does not rely on terrorist structures such as the YPG, PYD, and PKK and their supporters, but on God, international law, and its justification. The right one is always strong and superior. This is an immutable truth.

In a written statement, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs showed that the Turkish Minority could not digest democracy by ignoring the Mufti election.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, which prides itself on being the cradle of civilization and the inventor of democracy at every opportunity, preferred to discredit the Mufti election by ignoring the will of the Turkish Minority, instead of recognizing the new Mufti of Xanthi Mustafa Trampa, elected by the Turkish Minority. As Greek politicians and media have been watching for years, they called our Mufti a fake mufti.

Greece accused Turkey of "reflecting false news about the Muslim Minority in Thrace" in order to illegitimate the Western Thrace Turkish Minority's legitimate Mufti election based on international law and agreements. This attitude of Greece was evaluated as an effort to discredit democracy and free will in the Turkish Minority public opinion.

In a statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "The Turkish side is once again trying to distort the facts and give false news about the Muslim Minority in Thrace". It talks about which provision of the Treaty of Lausanne, which Turkey systematically violated, elected muftis of the Muslim Minority in Thrace. We are waiting for him to direct us to the relevant article. It is at least a contradiction that Turkey tries to establish a procedure in a third state for the election of religious leaders that it does not implement in its own territory.

I have written many times to expose these lies of the state machine and we will continue to write and shout until the policy of the regime, which apparently bases the Turkish Minority on denial and distorting the facts. I am writing again. In this statement, the state lied about its claims about the Minority. This statement is a complete lie, a product of disinformation that distorts the facts. International law, European Union Acquis, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Athens and Lausanne Treaties, and many other documents and agreements confirm that the Turks of Western Thrace are right in every respect. There is only one truth: We are the oppressed, and those who violate our rights are also cruel.

What is it? It is a contradiction that Turkey wants the election of its religious leader, which it does not implement in its own lands, in Western Thrace. Well, isn't it a contrast to Greece's appointment of civil servants under the name of Mufti, which, despite not appointing a religious leader to the Church, turned it into a state office in Western Thrace with practices contrary to law and Islam? Western Thrace Turks are an official minority and have the right to establish and manage their own religious, charitable, and social institutions through international agreements. Muftis in Western Thrace are not the equivalent of muftis in Turkey. According to Lausanne, their counterparts are the Metropolitans of the Orthodox Greek Minority in Turkey. Both Minorities were left in the country they resided in in exchange for each other. The Turkish Minority has the same rights as the Greek Minority. This is clearly stated in Article 45 of the Treaty of Lausanne.

Let's go back to the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Referring to the new law on the mufti, which was recently approved by the parliament, the statement said, “As you know, the Greek Parliament recently passed a law on the modernization of muftis. This law establishes a modern and comprehensive institutional framework for Muftis and Mufti Offices. This arrangement is in full compliance with the Greek Constitution and the country's international obligations as defined by the Treaty of Lausanne, the European Convention on Human Rights, the case law of the European Court of Human Rights, and Islamic principles and rules".

Stating that Greece is a country with the rule of law and a European democracy, it was stated that it fully complies with its obligations arising from the Treaty of Lausanne against the Muslim Minority in Thrace.

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not surprise the Turks of Western Thrace with this statement. Since 1923, the Turkish Minority has been specialized in deception and distorting the facts and has been struggling with propaganda, which has been its only job, marketing the cruelty perpetrated by the Greek regime as a blessing to the world.

The 1913 Athens, 1923 Lausanne Treaty, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, and the European Framework Convention are obvious. In other words, according to international law, the Western Thrace Turkish Minority has a special and autonomous status in the religious, social, and cultural fields. Every community and Minority is completely free in its own language, religion, education, and organization in the country where it is located. It can establish its own religious and charitable institutions and run them using its own language. The state has no right to intervene in these institutions -except for supervision. In particular, a non-Muslim state's confiscation of the religious institutions of Muslims with non-Muslim officials and turning them into a state office and reducing the religious leader (Mufti) elected by Muslims to the status of a civil servant taking orders from non-Muslim superiors is unacceptable from both a human rights and an Islamic point of view. These interventions are incompatible with universal legal norms.

At this very point, the Turkish Minority raises the question: If the aforementioned law on the modernization of muftis recently constitutes a modern and comprehensive institutional framework for the Muftis and Mufti Offices, as Greece claims, then why does this law include the Church and the religion of other Minorities? Does it include institutions?

It is a known fact that especially the Orthodox Church in the country urgently needs such a law. The outdated statements of prominent Metropolitans often cause turmoil in the country. The way to prevent this anachronism in the modern world is to urgently modernize the Church. Instead of dealing with the Mufti, the state should deal with the distorted religious structures and understandings that disturb the peace of the society and put the country in a difficult situation.

The Turkish Minority also proposes that if Greece's regulation, which, as it claims, creates a modern and comprehensive institutional framework for the Mufti, is fully compatible with the Lausanne Treaty, the European Convention on Human Rights, and the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights, then the Greek Orthodox Minority in Turkey should also be used. Orthodox Greeks should not be deprived of such a modern and useful law. Greece should demand this from Turkey. In fact, without waiting for Greece's request, Turkey should adopt the same law for the Orthodox Greek Minority, enact it, and put it into practice as soon as possible.

According to this:

  • The Patriarchate will be transformed into a government office.
  • Patriarch and Metropolitans will be salaried civil servants appointed by the state.
  • It will be turned into a unit (state office) affiliated with the Ministry of State Responsible for Religious Affairs.
  • Muslim civil servants will be able to work in the Patriarchate.
  • Speeches and correspondence will be held in Turkish in the Patriarchate, which will be a state office.
  • If there are Greek documents in the archives of the Patriarchate, they will be translated into Turkish in time.
  • The rites in the churches will be held in Turkish.
  • In this context, the Orthodox Christian religion course to be taught in Istanbul Greek Secondary and High Schools will be given by specialist Orthodox religion course teachers who are graduates of the Faculty of Theology in Turkey, to be appointed by the Turkish Ministry of National Education.
  • All Orthodox foundation committees in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, will be led by persons who will be directly appointed by the Turkish Ministry of National Education.
  • In addition, Turkey will no longer unlawfully grant Turkish citizenship to Greek metropolitans, which is against the law. Turkey is doing this right now and Greece is not making any noise because it suits her.

Do you see the difference? Turkey is breaking its own laws so that Greek Metropolitan Metropolitans can work in Turkey. Greece, on the other hand, is violating the Athens and Lausanne Treaties, international law and constitution to make the life of the Turkish Minority hell.

It seems that Greece will read its own way. We will continue on our way as we know how. The state will not recognize our Muftis. Nor will we recognize their illegitimate puppet muftis.

This nation does not take orders from people of other religions in religious matters and does not bow to injustice. Everyone in their own way...

Final word: "Your religion is for you, ours for us".

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