Trying to create a minority within a minority

Sat, 24 Jun 2023 9:58 GMT
The elderly always told us not to vote for right-wing parties, but we didn't understand.
Trying to create a minority within a minority

The old people used to tell us not to vote for right-wing parties, but we didn't understand.

We didn't believe them when they said that right-wing parties would increase the power of the police and they would always come and find us.

However, during their last period in power, members of the minority were targeted once again.

The highest fines for trivial traffic violations, shop closures for the slightest mistake, fines from the tax office in amounts that cannot be paid. 

Brother, do these things always come and find us? Are we attracted to them with a magnet, or do they love us very much, in quotation marks of course? 

Isn't it obvious that they love us very much? Our sister Dora wagged her finger, we felt as if we were in front of primary school teachers. She frightened her poor students as if to say, "You guys, if you don't get wise, you'll fail the class". 

They behave as if the minority is the property of the Mitsotakis family, and this is what saddens people the most. And I guess they really feel that way, which is perceived as the legacy of Konstantinos Mitsotakis, the first post-colonial Greek Prime Minister, who in the early 1990s spoke of "equality in law and citizenship" and abolished the so-called "administrative authority".

In other words, they have adopted us, but they always treat us as a stepmother. Is that OK?
As if that was not enough, his brother Mitsotakis came out and supported his sister and said that he would discuss this issue with Erdoğan at the NATO summit.

What will he say? Will he say don't interfere in our internal affairs? Don't they tell you that we are a guarantor country in Lausanne? 

Will he say that there are no Turks in Western Thrace, only Muslims? Then why do you claim that our Turkish Consulate is collecting votes under pressure?  

Yes, why don't you complain about other consulates, for example Germany, Belgium or I don't know, Saudi Arabia? Why do you associate people who you believe are not Turkish with the Turkish Consulate? 

That's not it Mr Mitsotakis, what you believe and what you say seem to be contradictory. But don't worry, let alone us here, the majority people we live with and even the stones around us know very well what we are and what we feel, don't you worry. You cannot make us believe that it is forbidden to be Turkish in Greece, because you know very well that Greece is the loser in every ECHR.

It seems to me that you have a serious problem that someone in Greece can be ethnically Turkish and be a Greek citizen at the same time. You are trying to impose the idea that a Turk cannot do anything and the smear propaganda on the circles that do not know this. For this reason, you do not call us "Turks" but "of Turkish origin".  This, we draw your attention, started to be used at the beginning of the 90s. And since the term "ethnically Turkish" was considered blasphemous, you invented the words "of Turkish origin or of Turkish ancestry", dividing the minority into three different groups. 

Whether it is ND, PASOK, SYRIZA, the former DIMAR, Dora Bakoyanni's former party, the Democratic Alliance, they always talked about Turks before the elections.

But the failure in the Thrace region in the last elections must have angered you a bit, because you included the Thrace region in your election propaganda before the second ballot. In fact, instead of looking for the cause and the person of your failures, you tried to blame it on the minority.
Instead of attributing this failure, to a large extent, to those who were formed around the non-partisan committee of the Parliament for the development of Thrace and who have achieved great fiascoes for this region, you chose to use the minority as a target. Even the crows have learnt that this failed instrumentalisation and marginalisation is hidden in the election results. The responsibility for this lies mainly with the Chairperson of the Committee, Mrs Bakoyannis, said Mr Christopoulos in an article on News24. 

Yes, experts and professors in political sciences have also touched upon this issue, and most of them believe in one thing, namely that the Thracian region is being taken back to the old days by Mr Mitsotakis.

What can be said in this situation? New Democracy, and especially Mrs Bakoyanni, had to invent an external factor, a convenient culprit, to cover up her party's own failures, and this is how she spoke to the voters around her. As I said, the last sentences are not mine, but as the old saying goes, there is only one way of thinking.

Now let's come to the conclusion...

The political wing of the New Democracy party organised a meeting in the Ektenepol region with Pontians who were brought to our region in the past. In the video leaked to the press, look what the person speaking on their behalf says:

"Mr Evripidi you know very well that when you first brought us here there were many Turks around, we were going to oppose them and increase the votes. We were going to offer us houses and jobs for them, where are they, we are still paying loans, we have no jobs, our young people are fleeing." And interestingly, the New Democracy MP kept telling Evripidis that you know all this. 

Yes, you are right, everybody already knows these things, but nobody admits it. They are Turks when they curse, Muslims when they love, Greek Muslims when they want to help. 

What should we say here, should we say "happy are those who are such renegades"? We can say that if necessary, but the world is already spinning, so there is no need for so many whirligigs. At least if you don't become a pinwheel, you don't care which way the wind blows, and you don't need to turn left and right and shake your arse.

Well, friends, we are so full that we can't finish this article. Anyway, let it be like this for this time. At least you can think about what we have written here when you cast your vote and decide accordingly. 

For now, we just say goodbye, hoping to see you very soon...

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