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Sun, 15 Jan 2023 17:36 GMT
Why Türkiye's interest in Western Thrace Turks disturps? If anything, it's "out of fear". There is no other explanation for this!
MİLLET's Opinion | Our job is up to surprises

We know that Greeks live in various countries of the world. It is a known fact that some Greeks immigrated from Greece and settled there for various reasons (mainly economic reasons) in Australia, South Africa, and almost all EU countries, especially in America. Just like a lot of people who have migrated and settled in other countries from their homeland.

People who have immigrated and settled in another country later are called refugees in the literature. They are also considered as "minorities" when they have settled in that country for many years and become "integrated".

International law and human rights protection mechanisms, especially the UN, guarantee the rights of these people, that is, people of different races, religions, languages, and cultures.

Apart from the minorities who settled in a country later on, there are also those who remain as minorities in the countries where they were born and raised, perhaps where they lived as a majority for centuries. They are also called "settled" minorities.

Like the Muslim Turkish Minority of Western Thrace, the Greeks of Istanbul, the Greek minority in Albania.

We follow with great care how Greece takes care of its diaspora kin. Here, the role and influence of the church should definitely not be forgotten.

Whether a prime minister, a minister or a high-level diplomat or bureaucrat from Greece, during their official or informal visit to any country where there is a “Greek Minority”, they necessarily meet the priests and minority representatives, they long for it, and they say over and over again that they are always there for them.

Is it natural to be like this? Yes it is

We all watched and saw how Prime Minister Mitsotakis was received by the Greek minority members there during his visit to the Albanian Agia Saranta region. An excited and proud welcome with a priest and a Greek flag. Embracing his fellow countrymen, Prime Minister Mitsotakis also made statements that flattered their hearts.

Is it natural? Yes it is.

Then, PASOK leader Androulakis, who invited basketball player Enes Kanter, who is said to be the "spiritual son" of FETÖ leader Gülen, to Greece, visited Istanbul. Bartholomew, attended the services and visited Greek schools in Istanbul. He also gave messages of his own.

Is it natural? Yes it is.

The scene was not much different when Mr. Dendias visited Ukraine a few years ago. Minister Çavuşoğlu met with Greeks living in Ukraine, said that they would support them and even said that they would bring some of them to Greece and "protect them". So he did.

Is it natural? Yes it is.

Although there are Greeks and Greek minorities living in various countries of the world, we still have difficulty in understanding why the Western Thrace Turks living in Greece, who have different race, religion, language, and culture, are not Turkish in the eyes of Greek goverment.

Is there only a Turkish minority in Greece? No of course! There are Macedonians, Vlachs, Gagauzes too!

So, are there any recognized official minorities in Greece? NONE! Will it happen one day, we don't think so!

Especially not with this mind!

Does the fact that Greece does not officially recognize other minorities, especially Western Thrace Turks, change the truth? NOT of course.

Do Turks disappear when they say "There are no Turks"? NOT of course. Are the facts changing? Never!


Are there Turks in every corner of the world? THERE IS! Does someone need to prove the existence of Turks as Turks? NOT NEEDED of course! Even if they deny it, can they change the truth? A big NO!

And yet, why should there be a problem when Turkey's President, ministers, diplomats and bureaucrats stand up for their kin?

The situation changes when it comes to Turks and Muslims. This is where the double standard of "Western civilization" prevails. Does that change the truth, of course NO.

So what do those who have this thought do?

They make you nauseous, make a mess, and struggle to make things happen with the delusion of fear.

As for the issue of the Turks of Western Thrace and the Greeks of Istanbul…

Western Thrace Turks and Istanbul Greeks are official minorities that are rare in the world. The rights of these settled minorities are guaranteed by international official documents. For this reason, these minorities should not be confused with immigrants who have settled in other countries for economic reasons.

Now, Mitsotakis, Dendias, Androulakis, and all Greek politicians are going to the world city of Istanbul, waving their arms.

They take their first breath next to Partik Bartholomew. Does he attend rituals, visit schools, charities, and meet with the Greeks of Istanbul? Yes, he does. Is there a problem with that? It does not exist unless laws and rules are violated.

Well, why are you disturbed by Turkey's interest in Western Thrace Turks? If anything, it's "out of fear". There is no other explanation for this!

But this is a fact! No one should be afraid of this! If Greece has an interest in the Greeks of Istanbul and this is not a problem, it is natural, normal and should not be feared, that Turkey has an interest in the Turks of Western Thrace.

Any kind of relationship other than friendship and good neighborly relations between these two neighboring countries does not bring any benefit.

It is time to see the facts, face the facts and find solutions to the problems.

For now, let's put a comma here, hoping that the tension will be replaced by restraint!


Prime Minister Mitsotakis is going on a tour of Western Thrace today. First of all, he will tour Xanthi and then give a speech in Komotini. Naturally, he will return to Athens after visiting the Maritsa region.

The prime minister of the country is coming to the region, but the minority people are sad, there is no excitement, and the essence of happiness is not read at all.

Of course, the words that come out of the Prime Minister's mouth are also very important. Expectations, no!

The "equality before the law" policy, which came out of the mouth of father Mitsotakis in the early 1990s, has been chewing on everyone's lips for 30 years. All politicians hide behind these two words and make a minority policy in their own way. This chewing gum has neither taste nor salt left.

Boldly, at least a new discourse is needed that will rekindle hope. Goodwill-based, solution-oriented actions are needed.

In order for the Prime Minister to go a long way, at least, there is a need for steps towards confronting the facts and focusing on problems, avoiding the fear of losing the votes of the far-right, without giving in to the threats of the extreme fascists.

We are now entering the election period. Even if there are election promises, minority problems should be discussed, solutions for solutions should be put on the table and action should be taken now!..

Should the minority have such an expectation?

Not even a spark has been seen so far for it to enter!

However, there is a little hope in them! I wonder if the prime minister will make a SURPRISE and focus on serious, sincere and correct solution proposals for minority problems!

There is opportunity, there is a challenge, there is a solution. But for all this, it seems that there is no heart and courage like a barbecue.

Will it be a surprise? Not in our opinion!

If it does, it'll be a big SURPRISE!

Our design work is left to surprises!

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