Ingrained paranoia

Fri, 26 Aug 2022 18:05 GMT
The common method highly adopted by some local media in Western Thrace, showed itself this time in a national newspaper.
Ingrained paranoia

Greece's national and pro-government media organ, “To Vima” newspaper, signed a remarkable news titled Turkish “Finger” (Τουρκικός «δάκτυλος» στα μειονοτικά σάολείς) signed by Athanasopoulos Angelos Al. (Αθανασόπουλος Άγγελος Αλ.), dated 21.08.2022. 

The common method highly adopted by some local media in Komotini, showed itself this time in a national newspaper. The writer Athanasopoulos  has publicly written the names of people -no matter whether relevant or not-, for which he does not even explain why, on the newspaper page. This comes across as a clear document of the effort to criminalize every normal life. The fact that he openly mentions the actions taken in normal life and the activities carried out within the legal framework as if they are committing a crime is read as an attempt to file a criminal complaint.

We see this type of broadcasting concept frequently here and we are almost used to it. With the 'journalism' tag anything can be written. Just write down names - no matter whether they are relevant or not- as if they are telling a story on the pages of the newspaper, and give advice and guide so that if a crime is committed, finally go to the judiciary. I guess this is their understanding of democracy...

Although the reason why To Vima was inspired by the news about the Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Minority is a 'quota teacher', it results in dressing the minority in a minority dress of unknown origin.

The inspiration for the newspaper was that on Wednesday, August 3, the Turkish Ambassador to Athens gave the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs a list of 16 quota teachers who will work in Western Thrace Turkish Minority Schools in the 2022-2023 academic year. 13 of them were going to Komotini and 3 of them were going to Xanthi.  The following reminder was also voiced: According to the former agreement of the two countries, this figure consisted of 35 educators.

The subjects of the news can be summarized as follows:

“E.S., who came for the first time in 2019 with the current application and whose actions attracted attention by the Greek authorities. (Full information is in the archive of the newspaper). In addition to his connections with the Turkish Consulate General in Komotini, E.S.'s strategic goals of Ankara, in an effort to provide a living space for the (Western) Thrace Muslim Minority, did not escape the attention of the administrators, and it was demanded that it be changed to another name. However, the aforementioned person was placed in the Komotini Celal Bayar Minority Middle-High School.

Although he moves towards a modern appearance and a pro-Western profile, the fact that the reality is different is revealed by the fact that his wife has a strong religious belief. The most striking thing is that his father-in-law, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is one of the main members of the AK Party. As he owns a printing house, many of the books printed in his printing house have been sent to the school he is in charge of.

E. S. is the person who connects the consulate and the school under the management of Murat Ömeroğlu, who has recently been a high-level active and provocative interventionist. This connection makes him active in the minority. His activities draw the attention of intelligence officials to the point of making the government's policies feel in the minority.

The trainer in question is also in close contact with the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB). The head of this unit is Abdullah Eren from Western Thrace. This fact is also noteworthy.

It is known that E.S. made interviews with minority individuals as part of his work on writing a book on Western Thrace, and participated in the translation of the Greek-language book Thrace is Under Threat about Turkey's policies in the region.

If these activities are considered within the scope of “soft power”, there are more advanced dimensions. According to the information obtained, he met with the members of the Rumeli and Balkan Center for Strategic Studies (RUBASAM) a few months ago (April 2022) in Edirne. The center is known for its anti-Greek and extreme nationalism. In addition, it has a close relationship with organizations that are extremely aggressive against Greece. It is noteworthy that Salih Meriç, President of the Black Sea Rumelia Balkan Associations Federation (KARDEF), has nationalist views and is linked to intelligence agencies, according to current information. Also, the Imam Hatip Alumni and Members Association (BIHLIMDER), chaired by Mehmet Emin Ahmet, is the faithful friend of the Turkish Consulate General in Komotini ('deep' friend). In addition, the opinion based on limited information is that the educator has close relations with İbrahim KARAGÜL, the writer of Sabah Newspaper, who is known for his terrorist-like statements against Greece.

The activities of the 'quota educator' are to identify successful and talented students and to provide the materials that will facilitate their admission to Turkish Universities together with the authorized persons in Ankara. In this way, Ankara-based politics will come to life. In parallel with these, he has an interest in discovering educators who have leadership skills and qualifications.”

In the last part of the article in question, the following comments are made:

“The Turkish Consulate in Komotini, which brought the mufti election to its agenda in Xanthi, and according to diplomatic sources, continues to determine the successor of the late mufti Ahmet Mete with Greek Parliament Muslim deputies and consular sympathizers, the date set for this initiative was given as Friday, 09 September 2022, so that the public let his participation in the election be ensured at a high level in mosques on the grounds of Friday prayers. After the Greek Parliament enacted the law on Muftis and Mufti Offices, the Turkish Consulate in Komotini intensified its initiatives, and Xanthi Siriza Deputy Hüseyin Zeybek is making important moves that disturb his own party.

Within the scope of the information mentioned in these lines so far, four candidates for the "fake mufti" (the mainstream naming of publicly elected muftis by the Greek state) office of Xanthi stand out. In this context, İlter Meço, being from METE's close circle, defender of extreme targets, was sent to Rhodes Island by the order of Mete (according to what “To Vima” wrote for the first time) in 2012. The other three names that are heard are Mustafa Trampa, Mustafa Kamo, and Sedat Karadayı.”

This is how the newspaper expresses its views. He can say whatever they want. However, what is striking is the insistence on the minority of 'unknown ancestry'. As a result of the simplest scientific behavior required by civilization, why should a community of unknown race accept the policies and strategy of a certain power and commit itself to it and make it a slave? If such an irrational explanation finds a place in the intellectual world of a community, everyone from the administrator of that society to the scientist needs the treatment of a sick thought.

Doesn't the logic also require this? If a community implements the policies of a government strictly according to them, isn't it necessary to think about it there, I wonder why! According to their logic, that minority is descended from that center. Why can't they say that! Because the sick mind cannot accept what is right. Yes, but it can't be that much of a disease. Their grandfather, perhaps their father, wrote in the law that the descendants of this Minority are the Western Thrace Muslim-Turkish Minority. It was written by their grandfather, not me. Do they deny your grandfather too! What do you call a person who denies his grandfather, you decide.

What is not understood is the following. They describe every person who works within the legal framework as if they are committing a crime. They form the basis of the idea that he is engaged in illegal activities. They are trying to reflect the lifestyle that continues in the natural flow of life as a threatening action. Do they want to include the current people in the scope of terrorists by mentioning their names openly?
Can't understand what they want. The mentality that sees every normal action as a provocative step, why don't they write the personalities they like and want us to act like them on the newspaper pages and present us as examples openly? Who is this distinguished personality and laudable character in their eyes? Write them down too! Maybe we'll take an example! Why can't you write?

You cannot write. The personalities you will give as examples do not have any merits to be praised in the Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Community. They have neither ideas to follow, nor exemplary behavior. Let us remind you of that too. That's why you can't present any of them as an example.

Finally, if the minority people follow the policies of another capital -again, according to you- to the letter, consider the reason for this and correct the circumstances that contributed to this. In short, give him the human rights demanded by the Turkish Minority as they are and get rid of this paranoid thought.

In this way, “Why would a non-racial minority adopt a strategy of a particular race?” The answer to the question will also be answered.

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