Ilhan Ahmet: Representative of the Turkish Minority or part of the problem?

Mon, 2 Oct 2023 11:57 GMT
What is he trying to do with his inconsistent, disturbing and confusing statements that overshadow the struggle for the rights of the Turkish Minority?
Ilhan Ahmet: Representative of the Turkish Minority or part of the problem?

Educational problems and developments regarding minority rights in Western Thrace draw attention with the statements of Ilhan Ahmet, PASOK MP for Rodopi, which cause question marks. Ilhan Ahmet's statements about the "No to Shift Education" demonstration in Xanthi and the building problems of the Turkish Minority schools continue to cause astonishment and reaction in many people.

The following questions are on the public agenda:

While an honourable struggle is being waged for the elimination of the injustices committed at the Xanthi Minority High School, why does a minority MP make an effort to discredit it?

What is he trying to do with his inconsistent, disruptive and confusing statements that have cast a shadow on the struggle for the rights of the Turkish Minority for several years?

Ilhan Ahmet, who is criticised for not mentioning the 11-day-long protest of the students and parents in Xanthi, makes very harsh criticisms against the protesters. These criticisms start with describing the struggle of students and parents for their rights as "shameful" and questioning the level of the minority community. However, there is a problem here: Turkish Minority MP Ilhan Ahmet seems to be insensitive to the educational problems faced by the Turkish Minority community.

İlhan Ahmet emphasises the rights of the Turkish Minority and defends the right of minority education as special and autonomous. However, while defending these rights, he does not support and criticises the Turkish Minority students' opposition to shift work conditions. This double standard makes Ilhan Ahmet look like a part of the problem.

Ilhan Ahmet's response to the criticism is that he should put minority rights above political views and personal ambitions. However, this discourse gives the impression that an MP who appears to be a defender of minority rights sees the issues as part of political calculations.

Many people criticise İlhan Ahmet for following the demonstration on social media and criticising it, but not saying a word to the real perpetrators of the problem. Instead of contributing to the solution of the problem, it is stated that İlhan Ahmet's behaviour may further complicate the problems.

In conclusion, it seems that the statements of Ilhan Ahmet and his ilk on the honourable Turkish Minority rights struggle are far from contributing to the solution of minority problems. An MP who respects the rights and struggle of the Turkish Minority is expected to show a more constructive approach and be more sensitive to the real problems of the society.

Note: This article is written from the point of view that Ilhan Ahmet is a member of the Turkish Minority and an MP representing this Minority.  

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