The main opposition of the Municipality of Komotini criticises again the leading party

Tue, 9 May 2023 8:26 GMT
The main opposition of the Municipality of Komotini, KOMOTINI DINATA team criticised the mayor and his team on the expenditures and asked where the 6 million euros went.
The main opposition of the Municipality of Komotini criticises again the leading party

The leader of the main opposition in the Municipality of Komotini, KOMOTINI DINATA, Antonis Gravanis and his team criticised again the mayor Yannis Garanis and his team.

In a written statement, the main opposition criticised the government, this time on the expenditures made. "6 million euros have disappeared from the coffers of the Municipality of Komotini", the KOMOTINI DINATA team said in a statement:

"Recently, we were called to vote on the approval of the balance sheet for 2021 and 2022 at the municipal council meeting.

The Petridis administration handed over €8,222,050.78 to the Garanis administration.

The new municipal administration had two options for economic and development policy from 2019:

The first option was not to use the money available to us to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the municipality, but to pursue a policy of tax collection that does not benefit the people.

The second option was to use the available money to improve the quality of daily life of the inhabitants of the municipality (social buildings, schools, green areas, roads, etc.).

However, Mr Garanis and his colleagues Garanis and his colleagues have chosen to follow a very different path and have achieved the impossible!

During three years of administration, €6,028,803.05 has been wasted. Even without any benefit for the inhabitants or the municipality. What is left in the coffers is only € 2.193.247,73 !!!

- They did not buy land to build new schools.

- They did not buy any useful equipment.

- They did not create new communal areas. On the contrary, they did not maintain and improve the existing ones.

- They did not carry out energy efficiency improvements and modernisation of existing buildings.

- Social buildings have not been modernised or even improved.

- New playgrounds were not built.

- They did not maintain municipal properties and left them to be demolished.

- In the villages, they have made almost no investment!

Where did this 6 million euros go, Mr Garanis? How did you manage to make 6 million euros disappear? With the help of a magic wand?

We challenge you to show the people who trusted you and voted for you to provide services, one serious piece of work.

You have promised tens of millions of budget promises, exhibited project models, and as a result, you have failed to complete any project!

The assets of the Municipality are melting away and you prefer to just sit and watch as a spectator.

Tourism continues to deteriorate day by day.

A few days ago, some young people broke into the Municipality building and stole. Because there is not even a single security personnel waiting for the Municipality building. In fact, there is not even any security camera or alarm system. In addition to all these, we have also learnt that the marble of the Municipality building has fallen.

Will there be anything left of that building that you will leave on 31/12/2023? We are frankly curious.

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