She killed him and slept next to him for four years

Mon, 22 Apr 2024 9:27 GMT
The murder that was solved after 17 years.
She killed him and slept next to him for four years

A 44-year-old compatriot of the victim will sit in the dock.

The body of the 23-year-old was found in May 2011 in a stable in the area of Marmara in Ioannina.

The dark story of the brutal murder, 17 years ago, of a 23-year-old Albanian is expected to be revived in a courtroom in Ioannina.

A 44-year-old compatriot of the victim, who had fled Greece shortly after the murder, will sit in the dock and was arrested just eleven months ago and taken to Larissa prison. He denies any connection with the case.

Young Emiliano had arrived in Greece to work, but mysteriously disappeared on 24 December 2007. For four years his brother had been searching for him, as he remained missing, with the current defendant declaring ignorance as to what had happened to the young man, although he was one of the last people to have seen him alive.

The 23-year-old's body was found in May 2011 in a stable in the area of Marmara in Ioannina.

According to the reports of the time, the skeleton was found covered only with a sheet of metal, while the skull was broken.

However, the evidence that "burned" the accused is the fact that he himself had slept in this particular stable during all those years of the 23-year-old's disappearance, only a few meters from where the body had been found.

In fact, as he had claimed, he had not smelled anything strange during the four years he had slept next to the bones. At that time, the current defendant was working as a foreman in the stable.

With the disappearance of the young man had dealt with a total of four times and the show "Light at the Tunnel" of Angeliki Nikolouli, but without result, and finally the case was "forgotten". Until eleven months ago, when he was arrested as the natural perpetrator of the homicide.

The missing drug shipment

According to, the accused and the victim allegedly had differences over a failed importation of drugs from Albania, which was undertaken by the 23-year-old, who however lost the "valuable" cargo, which he was accused of selling and kept the money.

The chronicle of horror began in November 2007, when Emiliano wanted to come to Greece as an illegal immigrant, his brother testified: "But Emiliano had told us that, in order to cross into Greece, they would have to take three bags of hashish. The bag had been given to him by two brothers. The bags were to be brought with two other children from a neighbouring village. They set off, but halfway through the journey, in the Gramos, there was bad weather and he called these children. They told him to leave the stuff there and come back. After two days he came back again and went to get the bags. But he went and they were not there."

A month later he managed to come to our country. On the day of his disappearance he was allegedly with the accused and since then his traces have disappeared. The brother did not give up trying to find him while he was tracking the accused and then handed over the evidence to the authorities.

"I told them that the accused was sleeping in the stable where my brother, who is now dead, was found. The fact that he left the next day surprised me," the victim's brother testified.

As the 44-year-old's defence lawyer told, "the evidence in the case file is incomplete and certainly not sufficient to support the charge. His innocence will be proven conclusively in the audience."

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