Regional Agriculture – Food Partnership introduced in Komotini

Fri, 7 Oct 2022 9:27 GMT
The Agriculture - Food Partnership, established by the decision of the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region Assembly, was introduced in Komotini on Wednesday, October 5th.
Regional Agriculture – Food Partnership introduced in Komotini

Invited guests and representatives of organizations operating in the region attended the promotional event held at the Giorgos Pavlidis meeting hall in the former governor's office in Komotini.

In the promotional event, the purpose and objectives of the Agriculture - Food Partnership were explained.

The Agriculture - Food Partnership is an initiative of the Eastern Macedonia - Thrace Region Presidency to bring together the public sector (presidency, university) and the private sector (professionals and businesses in the agriculture-food sector).

Speaking at the promotional event, Eastern Macedonia – Thrace Region President Christos Metios stated the following in his speech on the partnership:

“With our region's Agriculture-Food Partnership, an idea for the development of our region's agri-food sector and the support of professionals in the primary sector are taking shape. For us, as the regional administration, supporting the primary sector constitutes the key axis of our plan for the development of our region. Therefore, we constantly provide new economic and environmental data. "We adapt and use every tool that can help us. One of these tools is the East Macedonia and Thrace Agri-Food Partnership, and I invite everyone to support this initiative so that we can produce an important project for our regional economy as a whole, including producers and entrepreneurs," he said.

While addressing the founding members of the partnership and other guests, Vasilis Delistamatis, President of the Eastern Macedonia - Thrace Agriculture - Food Partnership, stated the following:

"The East Macedonia and Thrace Agriculture-Food Partnership is now a reality thanks to your participation and partnership as members of an organization that will bring new life to an important pillar of the development of our region. From the primary sector to processing and packaging, logistics, distribution, and retail, the agriculture and food sectors, modern and in the same value chain, which requires a holistic approach with the creation of an integrated development plan. The basic condition is that we all cooperate, connect knowledge and research with entrepreneurship,” he said.

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