Receipt-Checking App for Consumers

Mon, 26 Sep 2022 8:25 GMT
The tax authority launched a receipt-checking app for mobile phones which enables consumers to detect fake cash register receipts.
Receipt-Checking App for Consumers

The new Appodixi App, enables consumers to verify the legitimacy of receipts they obtain for transactions in the country.

Over thirty thousand citizens have downloaded the new app thus far, prompted at least in part by a generous cash incentive for those who detect and are willing to blow the whistle on undeclared or inaccurate transactions.

How the Greek receipt app works

The Appodixi App is the official application of Greece’s Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR), designed to enable citizens to verify the authenticity and content of cash register receipts they obtain for payments made within the country.

Available on Google Play Store and AppStore in English or Greek, this new app can scan every receipt containing a QR code.

According to the app description, when a receipt is not transmitted or discrepancies are detected, users can send it to IAPR anonymously if desired for further inspection.

The user will be then be notified about the result of their complaint.

Cash incentive for app users

Within three days of becoming available, Appodixi had been downloaded by over thirty thousand cell phone users. Subsequently, over three thousand complaints were filed.

More than half of complaints were submitted anonymously.

In the case that a user’s complaint is confirmed to have detected a fake receipt, the complainant will be awarded a cash prize equivalent to many times the value of the fake receipt. This will be capped at two thousand euros, according to Greek public broadcaster ERT.

It is estimated that the Greek state loses five to six million euros per year from tax evasion on VAT.
The Greek authorities have also been running the campaign dubbed ”Apodixi, Please” since 2019 to encourage foreign visitors to ask for a receipt from business owners, as tax evasion is particularly high in tourist destinations.

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