Parliament approves new migration code

Thu, 30 Mar 2023 7:38 GMT
Greece’s Parliament approved on Wednesday a Migration Ministry legislation.
Parliament approves new migration code

Greece’s Parliament approved on Wednesday a Migration Ministry legislation that overhauls that migration code, clarifying regulations about residence permits for non-EU migrants and unaccompanied children, and incorporating a related EU Directive (2021/1883/EK). 

“The ministry’s legislative work was concluded today, legislating effective procedures on dealing with challenges of migration, taking into account the needs of the Greek economy and society, and deterring illegal migration while legislating effective legal passage where we as a country want, expressing the current trend in the European Union,” Migration Minister Notis Mitarakis said after the vote.

The new law contains a clarification of current categories in residence permits, and changes the process of inviting citizens of third countries to Greece to cover domestic market needs, whether permanent or seasonal. It also lifts a ban on changing location of residence for certain categories, in order to allow the better use of workers already living in Greece legally in different locations.

Regulations also establish the online registration for work and residence permits, and updating of documentation.

Concerning unaccompanied children who become adults, the new Code includes a ten-year residence permit (like the current M2) based on two conditions: First, that they have completed at least three years of schooling in Greece before they turn 23. Second, that they have been accepted in professional or university-level schools or institutions.

The previous M2 residence permit for third country citizens required birth in Greece or completion of six years in a school in Greece before age 23; being a member of a Greek family and living legally in Greece with a Greek parent for five consecutive years; having completed a legal ten-year residence in Greece before applying, and fulfilling certain obligations of the Code of Greek Citizenship.


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