'Mitsotakis hinders investigation' PASOK-KINAL leader says

Fri, 17 Feb 2023 5:46 GMT
PASOK-ΚİNAL Party Chairman Nikos Androulakis stated that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis prevented the investigation of the wiretapping scandal in the country.
'Mitsotakis hinders investigation' PASOK-KINAL leader says

The leader of the main opposition, PASOK-KINAL Chairman and European Parliament (EP) Deputy Nikos Androulakis, said that democracy has suffered serious injuries regarding the eavesdropping scandal and that the government has hindered the investigation of the wiretapping incident.

A session was held at the EP General Assembly on the topic of "The wiretapping scandal and media freedom in Greece".

In the session, the opposition leader and EP deputy Nikos Androulakis, whose phone was tapped in the scandal, took the floor.

Androulakis said, “Democracy cannot exist without a strong, reliable rule of law that protects the rights of citizens against arbitrary authority. But lately this has taken its toll in Greece.”

Stating that he was victimized and violated both as a citizen and as the head of the opposition party, "Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis changed the laws twice to prevent the functioning of the investigation committee formed in the Greek parliament," he said.

“We need to get Greece to stop putting obstacles in the way of the investigation, we need to make sure that the Greek justice system can unmask those behind it and those trying to cover it up,” he used the phrase.

EU Commission calls for comprehensive review of allegations

Commissioner Mairead McGuinness, speaking on behalf of the European Commission, said: "The Commission strongly condemns wiretapping, illegal access to interpersonal communication, either in the traditional way or through spyware."

Stating that the spyware issue in Greece was addressed in the Commission's 2022 Rule of Law report, McGuinness said, "The Commission expects the supervisory authorities and courts to use their full powers to thoroughly investigate such allegations and restore the trust of citizens."

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