Mitsotakis blames migrants for forest fires

Sun, 3 Sep 2023 9:24 GMT
Forest fires that started in Evros Region have been continuing for 2 weeks.
Mitsotakis blames migrants for forest fires

Prime Minister Mitsotakis, who was criticised for the forest fires in Evros Region that could not be extinguished for 2 weeks due to the government's negligence and incompetence, blamed the migrants, saying that the fires broke out on the 'irregular migrants' transit route'.

As such, reactions started to come to the government due to the fires that could not be extinguished.

Fire brigade officials and experts in the region emphasised that the fires were not different from last year's fires and that the Mitsotakis government was insufficient in its intervention, drawing attention to the operational mistakes in the extinguishing works.

Officials and experts say 'the government failed to intervene'

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who was accused of failing to extinguish the fires after the authorities criticised the Greek government, made a scandalous statement.

Without presenting any evidence, Mitsotakis said that migrants could be responsible for the fire in Evros.

Mitsotakis put the blame on migrants: It is almost certain that it started on routes frequently used by illegal migrants

Speaking in Parliament, Mitsotakis said: "It is almost certain that the causes are man-made. It is also almost certain that this fire started on routes often used by illegal immigrants entering our country. We don't know if it was negligence or intentional."

21 people died, including 18 migrants

On the other hand, in the past two weeks, many people, all of them Greek, were arrested on suspicion of arson for allegedly trying to deliberately set forest fires.

Despite the support of the European Union countries, 21 people, including 18 migrants, have died so far due to the fires that could not be extinguished.

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