Missile attack by Russia during Mitsotakis' visit to Ukraine

Thu, 7 Mar 2024 16:42 GMT
It was announced that 5 people were killed in the attack organised by the Russian army on the city during the visit of Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis to Odessa yesterday.
Missile attack by Russia during Mitsotakis' visit to Ukraine

During the visit of Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis to Odessa, Ukraine yesterday, which was not publicised for security reasons, the Russian army targeted the city.

According to UAV, Ukrainian Navy Spokesman Dmytro Pletenchuk told Ukrainian media, "Russian invaders attacked the port infrastructure of the city of Odessa. In the attack, 5 people lost their lives and several people were injured."

Mitsotakis-Zelensky meeting

During his surprise visit, Mitsotakis held a meeting with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy, after which a joint press conference was organised. In his speech, Zelenskiy said, "The vast majority of Russia's targets are ordinary civilian facilities. Houses and churches, infrastructure and schools, universities, all of this needs to be restored. Today we discussed this with the Prime Minister (Mitsotakis). We invite Greece and Greek companies to the relevant works." Stating that he believes that the cooperation in question will provide new economic and social opportunities and employment to both countries, Zelenskiy said, "Today I would like to thank Greece for its willingness to participate in the restoration of our cultural heritage in Odessa, which has a very strong connection with Greek history and culture. We cannot allow Putin's hatred to destroy all this, that is, our Odessa, our country and our Europe."

"There was an attack on Odessa in the morning"

Stating that Russia targeted Odessa in the morning hours, Zelenskiy said, "Another attack was organised in Odessa this morning. This is the essence of Russia's actions, constant terror. Every downed "Shaded" unmanned aerial vehicle (Iranian-made UAV used by Russia), every downed Russian missile, every downed Russian military aircraft means saving lives, saving homes, saving infrastructure. That is why Ukraine needs help with air defence and other weapons," he said, once again calling for military aid. Zelensky also said that Ukraine and Greece have started to prepare a bilateral agreement on future security commitments within the framework of the G7 Joint Declaration.

"Visiting Odessa today, I was astonished, because on the one hand, the terrible picture of the destruction caused by the Russian aggression, and on the other hand, the resilience and courage of the Ukrainian people," Mr Mitsotakis said. Mr Mitsotakis said that Odessa is now an example of resistance against the Russian invasion and occupation.

Explosion 150 metres from Mitsotakis' convoy

On the other hand, the Greek newspaper Proto Thema reported that an explosion occurred within 150 metres of the convoy of Mitsotakis and his delegation, who came to Odessa on the Black Sea coast to meet with Zelenskiy yesterday. Speaking to the newspaper, Greek State Minister Stavros Papastavrou also confirmed the incident and stated that the Greek delegation was fine. It was claimed that an air attack alert was issued in Odessa and that the explosion was caused by Russia's missile attack on Odessa. There was no official statement from Ukraine regarding the explosion.

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