Market Pass: who will get an extra and "inflated" instalment

Fri, 22 Sep 2023 9:36 GMT
Applications are open for the "last cycle" of the market pass, the measure aimed at relieving households from the constant price increases in food and beyond.
Market Pass: who will get an extra and "inflated" instalment

Citizens can apply either through the digital platform or through the CCPs, until Tuesday 31 October 2023, which is not necessary for beneficiaries who have already received the financial support in previous months, as no re-submission of the application is required.

However, the old beneficiaries can submit a new application, until 25/9/2023, if they wish to modify the way the aid is granted or if the IBAN number of the bank account of their choice has changed in relation to the first payment.

The market pass ranges from €22 to €100 per month if the benefit is paid on an intangible digital card. For the quarter the amounts range from EUR 66 to EUR 300. Those who choose to credit their bank account receive 80% of the amounts provided for.

The approval of the third market pass cycle will be considered based on the submitted 2022 tax returns.

Financial aid payments for the months of August, September and October will be made:

- By September 29, 2023 for applications submitted on or before September 25, 2023 and for those who had previously received aid and are newly eligible. A prerequisite is that the beneficiaries' tax returns must be cleared by 25 September 2023.

- By 5 November 2023 for applications submitted after 25 September and by 31 October 2023 for those whose tax returns are cleared after 25 September.

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