Kasselakis visits Greek ethnic minority towns of Bularat, Dropuli in southern Albania

Fri, 10 May 2024 8:26 GMT
SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Stefanos Kasselakis met with Dropuli Mayor Dimitris Tolis and the municipal council in southern Albania on Thursday.
Kasselakis visits Greek ethnic minority towns of Bularat, Dropuli in southern Albania

The main opposition leader is visiting villages and towns of the Greek ethnic minority in the region of Gjirokaster.

At the town hall, Kasselakis was briefed by the mayor on issues of concern to members of the Greek ethnic minority, while "they discussed all aspects of enhancing collaboration at local government level, particularly on issues of citizen protection, education, and economic development," a party statement said.

The party leader reassured Dropuli's mayor and city council of his unwavering support on all issues related to improving the living conditions of residents before touring the village of Jorgucat (Georgoutsates), part of the Dropuli township.

Earlier, Kasselakis had paid a visit to Bularat (Vouliarates), where he met with local government authorities and teachers and students of the Greek minority school. A party statement noted that the main focus of conversation was the difficulties the Greek ethnic minority schools face, especially in lack of educational materials, the need for Greek state support, and the abandonment of villages by youth.

According to his schedule released on Wednesday, Kasselakis was also expected to visit Vanister (Vanistra) and the village of Vrisera, before returning to Greece through the Kakavia border station in the afternoon.


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