Journalists' meeting to be held in Samothrace after 14 years

Wed, 21 Sep 2022 11:53 GMT
The traditional Samothrace journalists' meeting will be held again after 14 years
Journalists' meeting to be held in Samothrace after 14 years

It has been announced that the Samothrace Media Meeting, which has not been held for 14 years due to various reasons, will take place in October this year.

This year, approximately 70 people, both local and foreign, are expected to attend the Samothrace Media Conference, where media members active in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Province come together.

The 17th Samothrace Media Conference will take place on the island of Samothrace, in Evros (Meric) province, between 22-23 October.

It was noted that the media conference will be organized by the Presidency of the East Macedonia and Thrace Region. It is stated that the Greek Correspondents Association and Federation will also contribute to the organization.

The Samothrace Media Conference, which has become a tradition by being held for 16 consecutive years, could not be held for 14 years due to various reasons. With the conference, which will be held with the contributions of the Communication and Information General Secretariat, it is aimed to make the Samothrace Media Meetings a tradition again.

It was announced that the main topic of the conference, which will be attended by newspaper, television, radio owners and journalists, will be "Safety of Journalists and Freedom of the Press".

During the two-day conference, it was also noted that issues such as freedom of the press and the safety of journalists in the EU acquis, the elements that threaten the freedom of the press in the EU and Greece, journalists targeted, attacks, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine will be discussed.

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