Israel's attacks on Palestine protested in Athens

Sun, 14 Jan 2024 10:35 GMT
Israel's attacks on Palestine were protested with a march organised in Athens, the capital of Greece.
Israel's attacks on Palestine protested in Athens

The protesters gathered at Eleftheria (Freedom) Park in Athens and marched towards the Israeli Embassy in Athens.

Firstly, the protesters stood in front of the US Embassy in Athens and shouted slogans in English for a while, protesting both Israel and the US, which supports Israel.

The activists also demanded that the US stay away from Yemen.

During the march, the Greek government was also protested for not giving enough support to Palestine.

The protesters, who reached the Israeli Embassy in Athens with the slogans "Freedom for Palestine", demanded that Israel stop its attacks on Gaza as soon as possible.

Petros Konstandinu, President of the Movement Against Racism and Fascism, told AA correspondent that he took part in the action on behalf of the "Support Gaza, Stop the War" platform, "We are here to express our anger at the massacre of the Palestinian people and the US intervention in Yemen. They started to carry the horror and war in Gaza to the whole Middle East. We are against Greece's involvement in this massacre in any way."

Konstandinu noted that they also asked Greece not to authorise the use of its bases in order not to take sides in these attacks.

Konstandinu reminded that in the case in the International Court of Justice, it was stated that Israel committed genocide and said, "Those who say this are right."

Expressing that she came to the protest to support the Palestinian people, Ifigenia Adrianu said, "There is a great war crime. Israel bombs schools and hospitals on the grounds that it is targeting Hamas, but when we look at the areas it bombed, it becomes clear that this is not the case."

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