Greek MEP Kokkalis joins Greens group in European Parliament

Thu, 1 Feb 2024 8:32 GMT
Greek European Parliament Member Petros Kokkalis joined the Greens/EFA Group on Wednesday.
Greek MEP Kokkalis joins Greens group in European Parliament

Kokkalis was elected MEP under SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance in 2019, and became independent in 2023 but remained affiliated with the Left Group in the Europarliament

In a statement, the Greens/EFA Group "wholeheartedly welcomed" Kokkalis. Head of the Group, MEP Terry Reintke, said "We are pleased to welcome Petros to the Group. We have enjoyed working with him in the past on progressive files and look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder in fighting for a greener tomorrow. We look forward to working with him to build a greener and stronger Greece within a Europe that puts people and social justice at its heart."

Responding, Kokkalis said, "Today, together with the Greens/EFA Group, we have the opportunity to play our part for a greener, safer Europe. We owe it to our youth and to the future of Greece to take bold action and build a more sustainable world. The younger generation are right to be concerned about how their lives may look like in the coming years. I will work to strengthen and bring coherence to the green movement in Greece, and to step in the Greens-EFA fight for a sound reform of the fiscal rules to transform our economy so that it is sustainable and meets the aspirations of our citizens."


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