Greek lawmaker argues non-Orthodox can ' be spied if needed'

Sat, 13 Aug 2022 9:12 GMT
Athanasiu, the 2nd Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, said that the Muslim (Turkish Minority) deputies in the country can " be spied if necessary for national security reasons".
Greek lawmaker argues non-Orthodox can ' be spied if needed'

Haralampos Athanasiu, a Member of Parliament for the ruling New Democracy Party in Greece, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament and Former Minister of Justice, claimed that Western Thrace Turkish officials in the country "can be spied if necessary for national security reasons".

Speaking to Aeolos TV, a local television channel in Lesvos, Haralambos Athanasiu said, "Let's say a deputy with a completely different religious orientation than Orthodox Christians gives information to a neighboring country, Türkiye, about where irregular migrants can enter. For God's sake, I don't mean anything. I'm just giving an example."

Answering the journalist's question whether Western Thrace deputies could be heard in this situation, Athanasiu said, "Of course, if the procedure prescribed by the legislature is followed." he said.

Reaction from the opposition parties

In a statement, the main opposition party SIRIZA evaluated Athanasiu's claim that non-Orthodox people were a national threat, "(Prime Minister Kiryakos) made clear what Mitsotakis implied in a speech and covered up his government's dangerous actions with reference to national security and 'dark forces'. tried to do it." used his statements.


In the statement made by PASOK, the third largest party in the country, a message of condemnation was shared, stating that Athanasiu's statements were "unacceptable".

In a written statement he made after the reactions, Athanasiu underlined that he only gave an example in his statement and said, "I have no doubts about the patriotism of the Thracian deputies." made its assessment.

There are 3 Western Thrace Turkish deputies in the Greek Parliament, 2 from PASOK and 1 from SYRIZA.

Eavesdropping scandal

t has been revealed that the Greek National Intelligence Service (EYP) tapped the phones of PASOK leader and European Parliament Member Nikos Andrulakis and Greek journalist Thanasis Koukakis with a spyware called "Predator".

Thereupon, EYP President Panagiotis Kontoleon resigned on the grounds of "carelessness in the information gathering process", while Mitsotakis' "right hand" and nephew, Prime Ministry Secretary General Grigoris Dimitriadis, resigned over allegations that he had commercial links with the spyware company in question.

Mitsotakis said: "It was wrong. I had no knowledge, I would never have let it happen." had made the statement. Mitsotakis, claiming that the EYP has many enemies who want it to be weak, said, "If some dark forces outside of Greece are working on any instability plan in the country, they should know that Greece is strong." he had spoken.

External link claim

The Greek media claimed that the request to listen to Andrulakis "had information that came from the intelligence agencies of Ukraine and Armenia".

This claim, which was supposed to have been leaked to the press by the EYP, was denied by Ukraine's Ambassador to Athens Sergii Shutenko and Armenia's Ambassador to Athens Tigran Mkrtchian.

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