Greek drivers drive dangerously!

Mon, 12 Jun 2023 8:54 GMT
Greek drivers: 8 in 10 flout speed limits but 92% believe everyone else drives dangerously
Greek drivers drive dangerously!

A total of 76% of Greek drivers talk on the phone while driving and 84% use smartphone apps during their driving, according to an Ipsos survey for Vinci Autoroutes Foundation released recently, quering 12,400 individuals in 11 European countries.

For Greece specifically, the Eurobarometer 2023 research found that in recent years Greeks do not just chat on the phone while driving, but participate in videos while on the road as well. In addition, a majority 92% of Greek drivers believe that all other drivers are dangerous, while at the same time 8 in 10 exceed speed limits.

Bluetooth use is widespread and its threat to road safety is underestimated, the survey showed, as 58% of Greek drivers use this technology. A 9% of Greek drivers admit they drive under the influence of alcohol, while 15% have caused a road accident because of excessive alcohol consumption. In addition, 1 in 10 drivers has driven while under the influence of cannabis or other drugs. In terms of sleepiness during driving, 26% of Greek drivers confirm they have fallen asleep on the wheel even for a few seconds, while 2 in 10 drivers hae been involved or come near to being involved in an accident due to sleep deprivation. 

On the other hand, Greek drivers are hot-tempered while driving: 63% have admitted they get into arguments with other drivers, 60% honk without reason, 24% get out of the car to argue, and 86% have been frightened by the aggressive behavior of other drivers.

In terms of observing speed limits, besides the fact that 8 in 10 drivers exceed the speed limit, 44% do not wear a seatbelt during their travel. In addition, 6 in 10 Greek drivers do not keep a safe distance from other cars and tend instead to drive up close to the car preceding them. 

As Vinci Concessions Greece director and board member of the Vinci Autoroutes Foundation Panagiotis Papanikolas commented, "The findings of this year's Eurobarometer of road safety revive critical issues of safe driving and highlight new dangers such as the steadily rising use of electronic devices during driving. The result is that all of us involved in the road safety sector ought to renew our commitments and knowledge, serving the life and physical integrity of road users."


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