Greece proceeds with modernization of its German-made warships

Mon, 10 Apr 2023 10:07 GMT
Final deal for modernization of MEKO-type frigates could be signed next year, says local media.
Greece proceeds with modernization of its German-made warships

Plans to modernize the Greek Navy’s German-made warships are going forward, local media reported on Saturday.

Parliament’s Armed Forces Committee approved the modernization of four MEKO-type frigates, said Kathimerini daily.

The ruling Nea Dimokratia (ND) party, opposition PASOK, and the Greek Solution party voted in favor, while the deputy of the main opposition SYRIZA party, who was not present in the parliament, also expressed the party’s positive view, according to the daily.

It added that negotiations with a German consortium for the modernization could be finalized in 2024.

Though the approved budget for the modernization is around €600 million ($660 million), the final cost is estimated to be higher, the newspaper commented.

Separately, CNN Greece reported that the first two Italian-made M-346 advanced training aircraft to be used by a flight school in the southwestern province of Kalamata will be delivered to the country by the second week of May.

Last week, Greece approved the long-stalled purchase of Israeli-made SPIKE-NLOS missile systems.

In recent years, Greece has signed multiple big-ticket arms agreements, including a deal for drones from Israel, Rafale jets from France, and upgrades to its F-16 fleet from the US.

Athens also approached Washington for the potential purchase of at least 20 F-35 stealth aircraft and Berlin for the update of its Leopard 2 tank fleet and purchasing Lynx armored vehicles.​​​​​​​


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