"Freeze" in Maximou for Samaras - "Bombs" of the former Prime Minister on Greek-Turkish issues

Mon, 27 Nov 2023 9:13 GMT
The new bombs dropped by Antonis Samaras "froze" Maximou, which however, signals that the government is not changing policy.
"Freeze" in Maximou for Samaras - "Bombs" of the former Prime Minister on Greek-Turkish issues

The new bombshells dropped by Antonis Samaras on Greek-Turkish relations, same-sex marriage and the tax law for freelancers have "frozen" Maximou, which, however, says that the government is not changing its policy.

"The former prime minister's views are known and we have no comment. The government is moving on the basis of its programme and its declared positions. On the basis of these, it also implements its policy," government officials in particular said, commenting on Samaras' interview with Kathimerini.

It is recalled that in the interview Samaras expresses in particular his disagreement with the government's handling of the Greek-Turkish relations and Erdogan's visit. He states that he will not vote for same-sex marriage and disapproves of the relevant bill. But he also expresses objections to the tax law for freelancers.

Among other things, the former prime minister assessed that "it is not a good idea" for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to visit Athens on December 7, when he will meet with Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

In fact, while the London-based Prime Minister was insisting on the need for cooperation with Türkiye on migration, Samaras was also expressing objections to this possibility.

"Do you remember how many such 'agreements' Turkey has signed with Europe in recent years? Has it kept any of them? Does anyone doubt that the flows of illegal immigrants are planned by the Turkish regime and are a lever of blackmail against Greece and Europe?" the former prime minister argued in particular.

While he also expressed his disagreement with the attempt of the Greek-Turkish dialogue to focus in principle on "positive agenda" issues.

Samaras also says he will not vote for the law on same-sex marriage that the government intends to introduce. He also argues, ahead of the European elections, that both Greece and Europe are moving to the right, and that New Democracy will lose if it sticks to the centre.

Finally, the former prime minister expressed strong objections to the tax law for freelancers and in particular to the presumptive income.


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