Former mayor delete all files and mail of the municipality

Tue, 23 Jan 2024 10:09 GMT
The island's new mayor denounces the former mayor for deleting all computer files of the Mayor's Office
Former mayor delete all files and mail of the municipality

To the incredible situations that take place in the local government is added the conflict that has been going on lately in the Municipality of Tinos, between the former and the new Mayor.

In particular, the new Mayor of the island, Panagiotis Krontiras, denounces the former Mayor, Yannis Siotos, for the deletion of all computer files of the Mayor's Office, as well as all mail from the central mail of the municipality: until 18.12.2023, announcing at the same time an appeal to Justice.

As stated, among other things, in a statement by Mr. Krontiras, "on the first working day (2.1.2024) of the new term, assuming my duties, I found out with dismay that before my receipt, had deleted the files of the computers of the Mayor's Office (, deliberate action and not by mistake or technical damage. There is no record, and recovery is a procedure that can be done in Athens and at great cost at the expense of the City. And with doubtful success."

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