'EMT region unemployment top three in Europe'

Fri, 4 Nov 2022 9:04 GMT
Eastern Macedonia - Thrace Region, the main opposition list “Regional Synthesis” (Periferiaki Sinthesi), led by Christos Topsidis, drew attention to the unemployment problem in the region. In the statement containing the Eurostat data of the list, it was stated that the province of East Macedonia – Thrace is among the three regions with the highest unemployment rate among young people in the 15-29 age group in Europe.
'EMT region unemployment top three in Europe'

In the statement of the "Regional Synthesis" list, it was noted that according to the data of the European statistical institution Eurostat, the youth unemployed rate across the region is 45.1%. It was stated that the biggest responsible for this problem was the President of the State, Christos Metios, and his administrators.

In the statement, it was stated that the provincial government was insufficient in terms of projects that would reduce unemployment in the region, and that necessary steps were not taken especially in terms of investing in the region and developing the tourism sector.

The State President asked Metios, “What did he do to keep our youth in the region?” and “What steps have been taken so that young people can find jobs in our region?” In the statement where questions were asked, it was stated that the state administration failed and the price of this failure was "giving Metios a ticket to return home".

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