Emergency meeting for the growing fire in the Rhodope region

Fri, 4 Nov 2022 9:13 GMT
The fire, which started 22 days ago on Eagle Mountain in the Rhodope region and still cannot be brought under control, has damaged an area of 11,5 thousand hectares so far.
Emergency meeting for the growing fire in the Rhodope region

An emergency meeting was held for the fire that spread over a wide area in the Rhodope mountain range, as it could not be brought under control for 22 days on Eagle Mountain.

An emergency meeting was held yesterday morning by the Civil Protection Coordination Board, chaired by Vassilis Papageorgiou, Secretary General of Civil Protection and Fire Brigadier General Christos Lambris, to make an assessment of the ongoing fire in Eagle Mountain.

Emergency meeting of the Civil Protection Coordination Board (SOPP) East Macedonia and Thrace State President Christos Metios, Rhodope Unit Responsible State Deputy Nikos Çalikidis, East Macedonia and Thrace State Civil Protection Coordination Board President Prodromos Fotakidis, Rhodope firefighting representatives, army representatives , representatives of the Rhodope Forestry Directorate, local police and other relevant institutions.

During the meeting of the coordinatorship, while the current situation on the fire front was being evaluated, it was requested to reinforce the aerial firefighting vehicles for firefighting.

According to the data obtained so far, the fire has spread over an area of ​​over 11.5 thousand hectares, mostly with low vegetation, in and around the Eagle Mountain region, 8.5 thousand of which are in Greek territory.

In order to extinguish the fire that spread to the Rhodope mountain range, important pedestrian firefighters from not only the Rhodope province, but also the province of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Epirus region and Patra, Athens, and Thessaloniki are participating in the work.

Along with the firefighters on foot, construction equipment belonging to the municipalities of Komotini, Iasmos and Xanthi, water transport tankers, and armored vehicles of the army also contribute to the extinguishing efforts made on land.

The tough struggle to contain the fire that continues in the Rhodope region continues. The region's difficult terrain and the re-igniting of fires make extinguishing efforts difficult despite the fire brigade's superhuman efforts. "We have requested more assistance from aircraft, which is important to deal with this difficult fire," said Nikos Tsalikidis, Deputy Governor of the Rhodope Region.

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