Drug smuggler arrested by police

Fri, 10 Mar 2023 9:51 GMT
A citizen active in drug smuggling was caught in an operation organized by the police at the Drama Police Department.
Drug smuggler arrested by police

An operation was carried out by the police on the night of 6 March against a drug smuggler in an area in the city of Thessaloniki. 828.9 grams of cocaine and many other substances were found in the house of the citizen caught in the operation.

The citizen, who is active in drug smuggling in a wider region of Thessaloniki, was caught in the operation carried out by the police in the Drama Police Department. A lawsuit was filed against the citizen on the grounds of drug trafficking and violating the gun law.

After collecting all the information about the drug smuggling citizen, the police organized a coordinated operation. The police dog "VERA", used by the Drama Police Department against drugs, also participated in the operation.

In the search they made in the house of the perpetrator, the police said they seized

- 3 nylon cocaine packages with a total weight of 828.9 grams,
- 12 packs of raw hemp with a total weight of 589.4 grams,
- 2 precision electronic scales,
- 150 cartridges,
- 2 pistol magazines,
- 9,310 euro coins
- 2 mobile phones.

The arrested citizen was taken to the authorized Public Prosecutor's Office. The investigation into the matter is being carried out by the Drama Security Department.

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