Dendias continues to extend olive branch to Türkiye

Sun, 9 Jul 2023 15:00 GMT
Defence Minister Nikos Dendias said that they continue to extend an olive branch to Türkiye for peaceful coexistence.
Dendias continues to extend olive branch to Türkiye

Greek Defence Minister Nikos Dendias said that they "continue to extend an olive branch" to Türkiye for the peaceful coexistence of the peoples of the two countries.

Dendias, who took the floor at the talks held in the parliament on the new government programme, evaluated the defence policies of his country in the new period.

Dendias said, "Regarding neighbouring Türkiye, let me say that we continue to extend an olive branch for the peaceful co-existence of our peoples. We desire this, we believe that the Turkish people also desire this, and we foresee an improvement in relations with our neighbour, especially with the window of opportunity opened after the earthquake disaster (in Türkiye)."

Greece to continue armament programmes
Stating that his country will accelerate its armament programmes in the new period, Dendias noted that the military equipment and vehicles needed by the Greek Armed Forces will be purchased within the framework of financial possibilities.

Dendias said that Greece will have 24 Rafale fighter jets and 3+1 Belharra class frigates, while 83 F-16s and 37 F-16 Block 50s will be modernised and 20 F-35 fighter jets will be procured.

Noting that Greece's 10-year economic crisis has prevented it from following Türkiye in its armament programmes, Dendias argued that armament is also necessary for the peaceful settlement of disputes.

Stating that his country can cooperate with the European defence industry and benefit from European funds, Dendias noted that it is aimed to increase innovation cooperation with armed forces and universities in Europe.

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