Common Vision slams the governing party: Great promises, small results

Fri, 23 Dec 2022 9:35 GMT
The financial budget of the Municipality of Komotini for 2023 was discussed at the council meeting. The main opposition Common Vision on the budget passed by the parliament criticized the government.
Common Vision slams the governing party: Great promises, small results

The main opposition party Common Vision, headed by Antonis Gravanis, made a written statement on the budget for 2023, which was approved by the parliament, and the work of the government under Yannis Garanis. The main opposition criticizing the government stated:

“The latest budget of the Yannis Garanis municipal government reflects exactly the last three years of administration. So big promises, tens of millions of euros and minimal results for citizens.

While the Municipality of Komotini celebrates 70 million euros, the largest budget in the history of the municipality, the figures seriously contradict this.

From the 2022 budget of 60 million euros, 21,279,821.18 euros were used. So only 36% of the budget.

If salaries, fixed operating costs, basic materials, and maintenance are subtracted, the development aspect of the budget is minimal and concerns only the fixed financial expenses of a municipality.

Without the mayor and the vice-presidents, the practice to be carried out is simply management changing from mediocre to bad.

The budget is an important policy tool, not an exhibition of ideas that brings together millions to mislead citizens.

Real politics is practiced with tangible results in order to solve problems, improve the quality of life of citizens and create conditions for development.

In the 2023 budget we see a weak copy of the previous one and there are no targeted interventions.

- Improving daily life in the city and settlements,
- Urban security of citizens (management of strays, maintenance of public spaces),
- Creation of infrastructure,
- the roof of the school,
- Implementation of an operational program for tourism,
- Establishment of cultural events that can attract visitors and
revitalize the local market,
- The basic application of social policy,
- Use of municipal property.

Garanis management cannot talk about development. Because instead of creating new infrastructures and opening new horizons, they just clos them.

Indoor swimming pool, indoor camping areas, indoor outdoor areas. Unfinished projects such as the opening of the historical center.

In order to cope with modern financial needs with regard to the available data, in addition to the constant demand obligation, the municipality must adopt two basic strategies.

Optimum use of limited resources, such as setting targets for financial income in the medium and long term. Unfortunately, we don't see any strategy in the 2023 budget.

This is a budget:
-Does not add anything to the possibility of providing additional income to the municipality,
-Does nothing to protect the municipality from the negative financial environment,
- It does nothing to encourage policies that will make transforming the local economy into a competitive economy as a strategic goal,
It adds nothing to the promotion of policies that will continually improve the social well-being and daily life of citizens.

The biggest admission of failure by Garanis and the municipal authorities is their constant and systematic refusal to give an account of the past three years, even though they are required by law. At the moment of reckoning they are simply hidden."

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