Citizens to use "Personal Number" for services in government offices

Thu, 15 Feb 2024 9:04 GMT
With the Wallet "Wallet" application, which is expected to enter into force in Greece in April, citizens will be able to see the services in government offices with their "Personal Number".
Citizens to use "Personal Number" for services in government offices

The government is implementing the Wallet "Wallet" application to facilitate service transactions in government offices. With the new regulation, citizens will be able to see their work more easily and quickly in public places.

According to the new practice, which is expected to enter into force in April, each citizen will have his/her own 'Personal Number'. With the new application, it is aimed for citizens to receive faster and easier service in government offices.

Thus, when a citizen who has a 'Personal Number' applies to a relevant institution to receive service, it will be sufficient to tell this number belonging to him/her.

When the new application comes into force, there will be no change in the person's AMKA, AFM, ID number and passport number.

The Wallet app allows you to create, store and control your digital documents. Digital ID cards, digital driving licences, digital disability cards, digital DYPA cards and digital bell cards are already supported.

The new digital identity card, digital driving licence, digital disability card, digital Public Employment Service Agency DYPA card and digital ring card are digital documents issued through

They are fully equivalent to paper documents for any legal use in Greece. However, they are not international travel documents.

To generate them you need to have your personal TaxisNet code and an approved mobile phone number for the Registration Number (Εθνικό Μητρώο Επικοινωνίας - ΕΜΕπ ).  

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