Alexandroupoli Harbor suffers damage

Thu, 16 Mar 2023 10:01 GMT
It was stated that large volumes of military cargo accumulated in the Alexandroupoli Port due to the constant closure of the railways in Western Thrace.
Alexandroupoli Harbor suffers damage

It was stated that NATO and especially the USA were worried because the line was closed due to the modernization of the Alexandroupoli-Ormenio-Bulgaria line.

According to the news in the press, it was noted that the former American ambassador, Jeffrey Pyatt, also felt the same concern.

As it is known, a large number of US military ammunition and military personnel are transferred from Alexandroupolis Port to Romania and Moldova by train.

In December 2021, a train carrying NATO tanks derailed in Alexandroupoli, causing damage. It was reminded that the accident caused various comments.

It has been reported that the US has conveyed its demands to the government about the security of the train lines in Greece, which is used for military vehicles, ammunition and personnel transportation, and the regularity of the expeditions.

It was stated that the US authorities demanded from the government that all train lines connecting to the port of Piraeus be operational, including the Athens-Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki-Xanthi and Xanthi-Alexandroupoli lines.

US officials emphasized that the train lines should be reactivated quickly so that the military vehicles and ammunition accumulated in Alexandroupolis Port can reach the delivery point.

State Minister Gerapetritis announced that the said train lines will be operational again as of March 22.

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