55-year-old worker dies tragically

Thu, 14 Dec 2023 8:51 GMT
In the disastrous accident, 55-year-old worker died during transformer assembly.
55-year-old worker dies tragically

A 55-year-old man working in a private business in the Oropos area of Preveza died as a result of a tragic incident at work.

According to Epiruspost.gr, the accident occurred when the transformer fell on the worker during the installation of the transformer and unfortunately he died on the spot.

Following the incident, a preliminary investigation was initiated by the Preveza Police Department in order to understand exactly how the accident occurred. The causes of the accident are being investigated in detail by analysing the safety measures taken at the workplace, the procedures during the assembly process and other factors.

The work accident deeply saddened the family as well as their colleagues at the workplace. After the incident, the company officials conveyed their condolences to the grieving family and promised to cooperate with the authorities to clarify the incident.

Such incidents once again emphasise the need to review occupational safety measures and procedures. After the accident, it is of great importance to increase safety standards in workplaces and to take more effective measures to prevent similar tragedies.

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