Who was David Kozak: Award-winning History Student, allegedly inspired by a Russian Assassin

Mon, 25 Dec 2023 8:23 GMT
Czech police have announced that the attacker at the university in Prague is 24-year-old student David Kozak.
Who was David Kozak: Award-winning History Student, allegedly inspired by a Russian Assassin

On Thursday afternoon, the police launched a search for David Kozak, whom they associate with the murder in the village of Kladensko.

According to the Czech media, he killed his father in the morning.

It later became clear that the wanted man was the one who killed ten people in the afternoon at the Faculty of Philosophy in Prague.

According to the information published by the police in connection with the search, the missing Kozak should have been armed.

The young man, who was a student at the Faculty of Philosophy, then headed towards the school, where he killed ten people. Dozens of other people were injured. The police cordoned off the area around the faculty building and asked residents of nearby houses not to go out.

According to the police, the attacker was subsequently eliminated, and people were evacuated from the building. Some students were barricaded in classrooms, others found refuge on the roof. The motive for the shooting is not yet known.

The attacker was allegedly inspired by a 14-year-old Russian girl who carried out a similar attack earlier this month.

Kozak was a history student who had excellent results at university. He graduated in European history, and continued his master’s studies in which he focused on the history of Poland.

How well his studies went is evidenced by the award of the Polish Institute in Prague, which he received in May for the work “Problems of the Antagonism of the Galician Peasant and Krakow Uprising of 1846”.

At the same time, the twenty-four-year-old was suffering from mental problems, and perverted thoughts were running through his head. He wanted to kill, and judging by the message he left behind on the Telegram social network, he thought about everything for a long time.

“Let me introduce myself. I’m David. I want to commit a school shooting and maybe suicide. Alina Afaskinova really helped me a lot,” Kozak wrote on Telegram.

He referred to the case of December 7, when a 14-year-old girl killed two students, wounded five of them, and then committed suicide at a gymnasium in Bryansk, Russia.

“I always wanted to kill, I thought I’d be a maniac. Then I realized that mass murder is much more profitable than serial murder. Like I said… I waited… I dreamed… I wanted… But Alina was the last push. It was as if she came down from heaven to help me,” wrote Kozak and added that he hates the world and wants to cause as much pain as possible.

Kozak wrote on Telegram that he wanted to close his account, but then he read that it would be best to write this message a few hours before the shooting. However, police are still checking this account to see if it really belonged to the attacker.

He first killed his father in Hostoun, and then went to Prague. He had an entire arsenal at his disposal, the police found short-barreled and long-barreled weapons, as well as explosives, Klix.ba reports.


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