Deniz Mehmet: "The tax system must be fair, not everyone is a tax evader"

Thu, 23 Nov 2023 10:08 GMT
Reactions against the new tax law draft prepared by the New Democracy Party government to prevent tax evasion are increasing day by day.
Deniz Mehmet: "The tax system must be fair, not everyone is a tax evader"

The government of the New Democracy Party has rolled up its sleeves to prevent tax evasion and prepared a new draft tax law. However, the draft law is strongly opposed by self-employed groups.

Different professional groups in the country are showing their reactions to the bill prepared by the government with the strikes they organised.

Self-employed and shopkeepers from Rhodope also reacted and opposed the bill prepared against tax evasion.

In this regard, lawyers from Rhodope, business owners, heads of chambers of commerce and tradesmen and directors of chambers of commerce and tradesmen, together prepared and signed a letter of objection to the new tax law, which was handed over to the President of the State of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Christos Metios, with whom they met on Tuesday 21 November 2023, to be delivered to the government authorities.

As MILLET, we talked to Deniz Mehmet, one of the lawyers who participated in the meeting with State President Hristos Metios at the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region Presidency building in Komotini on Tuesday, about the new tax law draft prepared by the YDP government and the reasons why self-employed people from Rhodope oppose this draft law.

Lawyer Deniz Mehmet stated that the bill prepared by the government to prevent tax evasion was prepared without any criteria, that the new tax bill will cause more tax evasion in the future, and that the government sees everyone as a tax evader with the prepared bill:

"Without any criteria, taxation will start at 10,920 euros"

"The new draft tax law of the New Democratic Party government covers all self-employed workers, shop owners, lawyers, doctors, taxi drivers, in short, everyone, without any criteria. According to the draft law, professionals will be taxed on estimated income. Regardless of any criteria, starting from a minimum of 10,920 euros, you will be taxed on that amount, regardless of whether a person enters your office or not."

"There will be more tax evasion with the new tax bill"

"This taxation system puts everyone in the same sack and taxes you whether you have earned or not without any criteria. The aim of the government is to prevent tax evasion, but with this tax bill, there will be more tax evasion. Because, let's say, most people will have to leave their shops and jobs. They will try to do that job illegally, so the state will suffer more tax losses."

"The new tax law will probably be appealed to the court for cancellation"

"For this reason, lawyers and other self-employed groups are on strike. They state that they will continue their strike against this draft law. Of course, after this tax bill is approved, the government, which has said that it will not step back, will most likely apply to the court for its cancellation."

"They consider everyone a tax evader"

"Instead of issuing such a draft law, the state could have used the technology and means at its disposal to find out who is evading taxes and who is not in a different and easier way. But instead, it directly recognises everyone as a tax evader and taxes everyone in the same way. This deemed income increases according to the year the business is open. It starts at 10,920 euros and goes up to 15,000 euros."

"How will the person who cannot pay his rent pay extra tax"

"It is also useful to say this. Let me talk about the group of lawyers from my own professional group, most people had to close their offices. He is trying to continue his work from his home. How will a person who cannot pay the rent of his office pay extra taxes. It is a separate issue. Of course, not everyone makes the same money, but it is not right to tax everyone in a straight line by putting everyone under the same roof."

"The taxation system must be fair"

"Finally, it is necessary to say the following. The taxation system must be fair. Everyone should be taxed fairly. Payments should be reduced according to the amount they extract, the amount they earn, and everyone has to pay tax for the remaining amount. But not everyone is a tax evader, and not everyone earns the same amount. These should be considered well."

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