Turkish writer Leyla Şerif Emin from Skopje awarded the prestigious award of ESKADER

Wed, 27 Dec 2023 14:19 GMT
N. Macedonian Turkish poet and writer Leyla Şerif Emin was honoured with the culture and art award given by the Association for Literature, Culture and Art Research.
Turkish writer Leyla Şerif Emin from Skopje awarded the prestigious award of ESKADER

Leyla Şerif Emin, a Turkish poet and writer from North Macedonia, was awarded the 2023 Culture and Arts Award by the Association for Literature, Culture and Art Research (ESKADER).

Köprü Magazine Editor-in-Chief, poet and writer Leyla Şerif Emin was deemed worthy of the 2023 Culture and Arts Award given by the Association for Literature, Culture and Art Research (ESKADER) in the Language category with her work titled Rumeli Side of Turkish.

2022 awards were delivered to their owners with a ceremony held at Fatih Municipality Culture and Art Centre, and the Literature, Culture and Art Research Association (ESKADER) announced the culture and art awards for 2023 at the meeting held.

ESKADER President Fatma Ersem Yargıcı stated that with the contributions of the members of the association and many people from the culture and arts circle, books published in 2023 and cultural studies were evaluated and important works and authors were identified in 23 branches and that the "Special Award" in this list was given to Prof. Dr. Birol Emil, one of the students of Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kaplan, a scholar known for his literary research on Tanzimat, Constitutional Monarchy, National Struggle and Republican period.

Another student of Prof. Dr. Kaplan, Prof. Dr. Zeynep Kerman, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Maksudoğlu, known as the teacher of teachers and known for his works on language, history and culture, and Hâşim Vatandaş, the pioneer of many important visual productions such as Panaroma 1453, received the "Outstanding Service Award". Şerif Eskin, Erol Ülgen, Osman Suroğlu, Vural Kaya, Bayram Bilge Tokel, Leyla Şerif Emin, Selvigül Kandoğmuş, Fethi Erhan, Turan Türkmenoğlu, Halil Ziya Doğruöz, Salih Turhan, Bekir Sıddık Soysal, Alper Lütfi Göncü, İsmail Karakurt, Tuncer Baykara, Mehmet Narlı are among the names who received awards in different categories.

"Bir Tutam Karanfil" by director and screenwriter Bekir Bülbül was selected as the best film. The novel of the year is Şule Köklü's "Sır Nihan Oldu", the best TV programme is Fehmi Atay with "On the Trail of Memories", the magazine of the year is "Yitik Söz" by Duran Boz, and Kâmil Nazik, the student of Hattat Hamid, was awarded in the field of Classical Arts for his successful art life for years.

Yargıcı stated that it is planned to present the awards at a ceremony to be held in April 2024.

The types and winners of the ESKADER 2023 Awards, which are awaited with public interest every year:

Research Şerif Eskin with his work titled İnkılâp Edebiyatı (Dergâh Publications)

Biography Erol Ülgen with his work Son Şeyhü'l-Muharirin Ahmet Kabaklı.

Cartoon Osman Suroğlu with his caricatures, the innovations he has brought to the world of cartoons and his superior power of expression.

Children's Literature Vural Kaya with his work "Write a Brotherhood Declaration to the Stars" (Şule Çocuk)

Essay: Bayram Bilge Tokel with his work Sular Ink Olsa (Muhit Book)

Magazine Editor-in-chief Duran Boz published the magazine Yitik Söz (Kahramanmaraş).

Language: Leyla Şerif Emin with her work titled Rumeli Side of Turkish (Büyüyen Ay Publications)

Travel Selvigül Kandoğmuş Şahin with her book Ancient Cities (Okur Kitap)

Diary Fethi Erhan (Prepared by Fethi Erhan) The Diaries of a Pilgrimage, Abbas Hilmi Erhan (Dergâh Publications)

Souvenir: Turan Türkmenoğlu Sahaflar Çarşısında Görüp İşittiklerim ( Ötüken Neşriyat)

Story: Halil Ziya Doğruöz with the work Müzmin Susuzluk (Ötüken Neşriyat)

Classical Arts: Calligrapher Kâmil Nazik with his successful art life for many years

Music: Salih Turhan, with his works titled Taş Plak Türkü Külliyatı and Darül Elhan Folk Music Külliyatı.

Portrait Bekir Sıddık Soysal, with his work Simalar ve Dünyalar (Bengü Publications)

TV Programme: Fehmi Atay with his TV programme "On the Trail of Memories" (Vav Television)

Novel: Şule Köklü with his work Sır Nihan Oldu (Şule Publications)

Cinema Director and screenwriter Bekir Bülbül with the film "A Pinch of Carnation"

City Book: Alper Lütfi Göncü Niğde Şehrengizi (Institute of Urban Studies)

Poetry İsmail Karakurt with his work Gözağaç (Record book)

History: Prof. Tuncer Baykara with his work titled Turkish Historians in the 100th year of the Republic (Bilgeoğuz Publications)

Criticism: Mehmet Narlı with his work Eleştirinin Eleştirisi (Muhit Kitap)

Outstanding Service Awards:

- Prof. Dr Mehmet Maksudoğlu,

- Prof. Dr Zeynep Kerman,

- Hasim Vatandaş.

Special Award Prof. Dr Birol Emil


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