Thousands of women march for more rights in Western Balkans

Thu, 9 Mar 2023 10:28 GMT
Women in Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia take to squares seeking equality, justice and more rights in social and working life.
Thousands of women march for more rights in Western Balkans

Thousands of women in countries of the Western Balkans marched in their capital cities Wednesday, demanding more rights

Women headed to city squares in Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia on the occasion of International Women's Day, which is marked annually on March 8.

In the Bosnian capital Sarajevo, nearly 1,000 women marched through the historic center carrying banners.

Seida Saric, director of Žene za Žene International, in a speech after the march said it is essential to encourage women's success.

Hasija Ahmic from the Ahmicanke Women's Association said the understanding of equal pay should be spread and women should be more involved in employment.

Also, an exhibition and fashion show for female immigrants was organized in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Service for Foreigners' Affairs at the Usivak asylum center near Sarajevo.

Angela Panda, who came from the Democratic Republic of Congo, said the women who made their mark in history should not be forgotten.

Another march was held in Montenegro's capital Podgorica under the slogan "Oppose Bullying and Injustice" by the Women's Rights Center.

An evening march took place in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, under the slogan "Strike in the kitchen, strike in the street," which has been traditionally organized by the FAKTIV Feminist Collective for seven years.

The crowd drew attention to problems such as inflation, gaps in the health and education system and violence in the country and called for women to have equal rights.

In the Serbian capital Belgrade, women demanded laws to ensure a workday of no more than eight hours, free time on holidays and weekends, and equal pay and on-the-job conditions.

According to the participants, women are paid less than men and have fewer advancement opportunities.


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