Movement for Rights and Freedoms "key party" in Bulgarian elections

Fri, 10 Mar 2023 10:01 GMT
Assoc. Prof. Kader Özlem said the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (HÖH) party is the "key party" in the early general elections to be held in Bulgaria next month.
Movement for Rights and Freedoms "key party" in Bulgarian elections

Bursa Uludag University Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Kader Özlem said that the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (HÖH) party will play a "key party" role in the early general elections to be held in Bulgaria next month.

Bursa Uludağ University International Relations Department Political History Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Kader Özlem made evaluations to the AA correspondent regarding the early general elections to be held on April 2 in Bulgaria.

Noting that the 5th general election will be held in Bulgaria in the last two years, Özlem stated that there is an unstable political structure in the country and serious polarization among the parties.
Assoc. Dr. Özlem said, "People's participation in the elections is very low, around 30 percent. This situation reflects the distrust of the society in Bulgaria to the political institution. In other words, they do not believe that their problems can be solved through politics. The people do not have a strong belief in the political institution. Likewise, the main agenda of the people is not politics but economy." said.

The key role of HÖH

Özlem stated that the mainstream parties that dominate the political system in Bulgaria are pro-Western parties, and that they are also extremely influential in Bulgaria's NATO and EU membership processes, and noted that the differences of opinion between the parties are mainly between the pro-Western parties.

Referring to the impact of the elections on the future of the Turkish society in Bulgaria, Kader Özlem stated that the HÖH party came out as the third party in general.

Özlem said, "If you think that there are two mainstream parties and they are fighting head-to-head, MRF plays the 'key party' role as a third party. Therefore, it is in a key position in this framework. It has held important positions in the past." he said.

Emphasizing that the HÖH is the main party that dominates and controls the Turkish votes, he continued as follows:

"For Turks in Bulgaria, the importance of these elections is, first of all, the democratic right, like other communities in Bulgaria. Actually, we are talking about a population group that has a very serious potential. By activating this potential, they can be much more active in Bulgarian politics. They can increase the number of seats in the parliament. If If it shows itself as a whole, it is possible for the MRF to emerge as the second party, it is possible. This is an important point. The Turkish society in Bulgaria has this potential."

The importance of voting by Bulgarian citizens in Türkiye

Özlem said that there is a Muslim Turkish population of nearly 1 million in Bulgaria and that there are 440 thousand dual citizens in Türkiye who have the potential to vote in Bulgarian elections.

Expressing that there is a large potential group of people who belong to the Turkish community in Bulgaria and migrated to Western European countries in the post-2001 period, Özlem stated that there are Bulgarian Turks living in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and England.

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