Historical service to the 100-year-old school in Shumen from Osmangazi Municipality

Thu, 1 Dec 2022 9:28 GMT
Bursa Osmangazi Municipality has brought a sports field to the historical Nüvvâb School (Imam Hatip High School) in Shumen, Bulgaria, which has been of great importance for the Turkish Muslim history in the Balkans despite all the oppression and persecution for exactly 100 years.
Historical service to the 100-year-old school in Shumen from Osmangazi Municipality

Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dundar, who visited the historical school together with the President of Religious Affairs of Turkey Ali Erbaş, said that the historical role of the school in transferring religious and national values ​​to the future will continue.

Osmangazi Municipality, which has organized many social and cultural events and revitalized the historical heritage in order to strengthen its relations with the kinsmen in the Balkans, lastly, the historical Shumen Imam Hatip High School in Shumen, Bulgaria, the garden of the Nüvvâb School, It has built a beautiful sports field where various sports such as tennis and volleyball can be practiced.

Visiting the school, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, together with the President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş, Mayor of Osmangazi Mustafa Dündar stated that they are proud of serving the century-old school.

Centennial School Reaches New Sports Field
Underlining that the Shumen Nüvvâb Madrasa is an important education center for the Balkan Turks and the Islamic world, President Dündar said, "We are an important school that has been opened and closed from time to time, but has been serving uninterruptedly since the 90s. At the iftar we held here at the Night of Power last year, Our school administrators had some requests. We, as Osmangazi Municipality, started to work to renew the deteriorated ground of the school's garden. With asphalt coating, acrylic paint works and landscaping, the garden gained a beautiful and healthy look. I wish this garden where students can do sports comfortably. I hope that the Nüvvâb Madrasa will contribute to this region, the Balkans and the Islamic world with the students and scientists it has trained, as it has in history. I pray to God that new scholars and scientists will emerge from here."

President Dündar, who gave information about the work they did in the historical school, noted that the field was raised with the filling work, and after the asphalt was laid, the floor was covered with acrylic paint suitable for volleyball courts. Dundar said that in addition to the placement of basketball hoops on the sports field, the seating groups were also renewed.

In her statement, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Sofia, Aylin Sekizkök, thanked Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar for his services and said, "We celebrated the Night of Power with our president, Mustafa Dündar, who is the biggest supporter of our embassy and the Muslim Turkish minority, together with our citizens. "We had requests from our president, and our president used all his means to provide a beautiful park and sports field. I would like to thank our President Mustafa Dündar and his team, who provided us with a good service in the 100th anniversary of our Nüvvâb School."

Deputy Director of Shumen Imam Hatip High School Ramazan Savaş stated that the school, which has a history of 100 years, was in a very bad condition before and said, "Our students could not do sports because the ground in the garden was very bad. Our President, Mustafa Dundar, did not break us and immediately gave instructions and started work. We were fortunate to inaugurate our field in the year of its establishment. Now our students will be able to do sports and spend their free time comfortably here. Thank you very much to our President," he said.

Erbaş Thanks to Dündar
Visiting the school, the President of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş also examined the newly opened sports field together with Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar. Erbaş, who watched the basketball shots of the students, thanked President Dündar for his contributions to the school. Visiting the historical school as part of the program, Prof. Dr. While Erbaş and his entourage received information from the authorities about the area where documents and correspondence about the history of Nüvvâb Imam Hatip High School are located, they entered a classroom and sat down and chatted.

During the visit, besides the President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş and Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar; The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Sofia Aylin Sekizkök, the Chief Mufti of the Bulgarian Muslims Religious Affairs Mustafa Aliş Haci, the Shumen Regional Mufti Mesut Mehmet, the Shumen Nüvvâb School Director Şerif Hüsnü, regional muftis and fellow citizens were present.

President Dündar also participated in the opening program of the 100th Anniversary Symposium of Medresetü'n Nüvvâb, which was held at the Shumen Theater under the title of "International Scientific Meeting: Centennial Science and Knowledge Center: Nüvvâb" as part of the Bulgarian program. Dündar, along with Deputy Minister of National Education Nazif Yılmaz, gave a school bag and various gifts to the students attending the symposium.

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