Bağlar's 4th issue published with the name 'City'

Fri, 27 Oct 2023 8:43 GMT
Bağlar Magazine examines the Balkan cities that cradled civilisations with the "City" file in its 4th issue.
Bağlar's 4th issue published with the name 'City'

Bağlar examines the Balkan cities that cradled civilisations with the "City" file in its 4th issue. In its new issue, Bağlar greets its readers from the bastions, bridges, inns and madrasahs of Novi Pazar, Komotini, Skopje, Xanthi, Ishtip, Prizren, Konjic, Travnik, Gostivar, Berane and Mostar.

In the "City" file they prepared in the 4th issue, Bağlar authors asked the questions "What is a city?", "What are the material and spiritual features that make a city a city?", "How does a nation give its colour to a city?", "What kind of a picture comes to our minds when we think of a Balkan city and what do we see in that picture?" and gave the answers to these questions with the texts, individual stories and poems they prepared for the file.

In the interview column of this issue of Bağlar; we talked to Hüseyin Mehmet, the strong pen of Turkish literature in Western Thrace and the publication coordinator of our magazine, about his first book Kalanlara. Hüseyin Mehmet, who says "I continue to walk on the path opened by Rasim Özdenören", told his literary journey from the first days of his writing life to the days when his first book was published to Müberra Karadayı from Bağlar magazine.

In its new issue, Bağlar offers its readers a pleasant reading experience with stories, poems and essays on many different themes ranging from identity to refugeeism, from fear to beginning, from yesterday to tomorrow, and with new authors added to its staff.

The authors of this issue are Ahsen Nuredin, Melek Şişko, Furkan Şaban, Özlem Kurt, Azize Ramadani, İsa Kasum, Medadin Limani and Mehmed Arif from North Macedonia; Nefize Ramadan and Özlem Tefikova from Bulgaria; Altay Mısırlı, Asel Müdüt, Meyrem Krüezi, Atakan Koro and Selmira Dzikezi from Kosovo; Amra Ramusovic from Montenegro; Belkıs Öznur Köylü, Emina Arıkan, Nuceyma Meviç and Mehmet Yasir Cebeci from Bosnia and Herzegovina; Beyzanur İmam, Esma Deli Hasan, Melis Deli Hasan, Müberra Karadayı, Seher Paçaman, Ayşe Bostancı and Sara Muliç from Serbia.


The fourth issue of Bağlar magazine includes the works of 7 writers-poets from Western Thrace.

This issue includes articles and poems by Müberra Karadayı, Beyzanur İmam, Ayşe Bostancı, Esma Delihasan, Hüseyin Mehmet, Melis Delihasan and Seher Paçaman from Western Thrace.

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