5th issue of Bağlar Magazine out

Tue, 12 Mar 2024 12:20 GMT
The 5th issue of Bağlar, the young and dynamic medium of Turkish literature in the Balkans, is out!
5th issue of Bağlar Magazine out

Published under the auspices of the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), Bağlar, which has become an important position of Turkish language and Turkish literature in the Balkans by expanding its readership and author audience in every issue, also greets its readers in its new issue by carrying the lines "You must live/ To tell my story" of Refaat Alareer, a poet and writer from Gaza who lost her life in Israel's attacks on Gaza, on its cover.

In its 5th issue, Bağlar magazine, which is the stop of valuable young writers from all over the Balkans, continues to raise its place in the world of literature, culture and thought of the Balkans.

In the new issue, which includes independent essays, short stories and poems as well as interviews with young writers of Turkish literature in the Balkans, the young writers of the Balkans, whose books are supported by YTB within the scope of the Cognate Literature Support Programme (SEDEP), talked to Hüseyin Mehmet, one of the writers of Bağlar, about their first book excitement and their writing adventures.

In the session titled "Can literature help us here?" organised jointly by the authors of Bağlar and Telve magazine, who came together at the Young Writers Academy held in Kahramanmaraş in October last year, the place and meaning of literature in the world adventure of human beings is examined. In addition, our writers Mehmet Yasir Cebeci, Nada Dosti and Emina Arıkan recorded their impressions of the recovering face of Kahramanmaraş despite its losses and sufferings for the 5th issue of Bağlar.

Since 7 October, the authors of Bağlar have not remained silent about the suffering in Gaza due to the Israeli attacks and have recorded their feelings and thoughts on Palestine and Gaza for Bağlar readers with the texts "Jerusalem is Our What?", "Dust Grains that have made a nest in Dimples" and the poems "Tevakku" and "Freedom Mares". With all these colourful and rich contents, Bağlar proudly presents its new issue, which includes valuable perspectives and analyses from the Balkans to the Balkans, from the Balkans to Palestine and Türkiye.

Bağlar 5. Gostivar to Prizren, Pazarcık to Debre, Bosnia to Zenica, Komotini to Mostar, Skopje to Sarajevo, Mamusha to Xanthi, Radovish to Travnik, It continues its journey of writing and thinking with the motto "Think, dream, write in Turkish" as the manifestation of a unity of ideas and feelings extending from Ishtip to Durres, from Dedeağaç to Konçe!

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