26 years of “TÜRKÇEM” in Kosovo

Tue, 13 Feb 2024 8:33 GMT
The 279th issue of "TÜRKÇEM" Magazine published by Kosovo Turks for 26 years met with the readers.
26 years of “TÜRKÇEM” in Kosovo

The 279th issue of Türkçem magazine, which plays an important and historical role in keeping Turkish alive in the Balkans and especially in Kosovo and transferring it to future generations, was published.

Zeynel Beksaç, Editor-in-Chief of Türkçem Magazine, wrote the following about the 279th issue of the magazine:

"We are happy to say hello to everyone with the 279th issue of Türkçem magazine. In order to be in front of you again with a rich content, we have taken care to present our best efforts. We believe that we have been able to achieve this thanks to our writer friends.

With their stories in this issue: Yakup Ömeroğlu (Stars), Enver Baki (Mother's cheeks never end), Kaşem İsabeyli (Sea and storm).

The famous Bosnia-Herzegovina poet İzzet Sarayliç is the guest of this issue of Türkçem with a bunch of poems. You can also read poems by Atila Er, Meral Bayatlı, Müberra Karadayı, Şükran Aydın and Cemal Karsavran.

In this issue, our esteemed writer Aziz Serbest focuses on the famous poet Suzi Çelebi. We hope that you will read this article with interest, with the title "How will Suzi be commemorated on the 500th anniversary of her death, as her grave is about to disappear".

Distinguished Turcologist Prof. Dr. Mustafa İsen welcomes the readers with his article on "Turkish flag waving in Prizren for five hundred years".

Master journalist Ercan Kasap, whose articles we always read with interest:" "The role of media, as well as education and culture, in establishing the identity of a people cannot be underestimated," we recommend you to read his article on "The Collapse of Turkish Media in Kosovo...".

Dr. Mehmet Yardımcı, whose articles we read with interest in Türkçem, this time focuses on the "Barış Manço Truth" on the 25th anniversary of his death.

On the occasion of its 25th year of publication, the Poetry Caravan of Türkem Magazine, which organized a series of events, this time docked at the Gerçek Association in Pristina and met with poetry lovers. You can read the news about this in this issue.

The premiere of the TRT co-production "Sadık Ahmet" film about the life of the late leader of Western Thrace Turks Dr. Sadık Ahmet took place at Atatürk Cultural Center. We also share this news with you.

The poem on the back cover of the magazine is by the famous poet Bahtiyar Aslan.

Dear readers, the census in Kosovo will take place between April 5 and May 17, 2024. Let us not forget this. Everyone should fulfill their duties with great responsibility in their position. This is very important for us as a people.

Until we meet again in a new issue, be well, goodbye, stay friends."

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