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Historic Alantepe events attracted great interest this year03 September 2018

Alantepe Greasy Wrestling and Cultural Activities, one of the rooted traditions of the Western Thrace, attracted great interest this year. 2018 Alantepe events ended with enthusiastic activities on the Alantepe wrestling area on Sunday, September 2nd.

The activities of the historical Alantepe started on Friday, August 31, 2018, in the village of Hasan Hüseyin, Passos. The activities continued on Saturday, September 1 with the preselection of greasy wrestling competitions and concerts.

Sunday, September 2 was the last day of the activities. The program of the last day started with members of the protocol coming to the court, saluting the people. Later, speeches were given.

After the speeches, the program continued with the folk dances. The Folk-Dance Team of Turkish Youth Association in Komotini (Gümülcine) exhibited spectacular folk dances for the participants.

Then, half-final and championship (başpehlivanlık) competitions were held for the wrestlers who defeated their opponents in Saturday's greasy wrestling competitions. Wrestling matches were very tough.

Başpehlivanlık (Greasy wrestling finale) contest took place between Niyazi İbiş from Western Thrace and Tansel Umut from Edirne. At the end of the competition, Tansel Umut became the champion (başpehlivan) of 2018 Alantepe.

The medal ceremony was held after the wrestling competitions. Medals and cups were given to the wrestlers who achieved a degree.

Historical events ended with the concert of Ankaralı Yasemin. Participants were excited by the zippy songs of the singer who took the stage in Alantepe.

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