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Minority is worried from the oppressions31 August 2018

The Turkish minority that has been living peacefully for years is worried deeply because of the oppressions increasing lately.

There are added some new oppressions to the increasing ones. While the minority was going to the Seçek Yaylası as every year does for their cultural activities, they faced a barrier formed by the police. In Komotini the police entered for the first time in the Kurban Bazaar before the Eid al Adha and people received fine unfairly. Another case was about the problem of muftis. As the minority had been expecting a solution for the muftis, the state employed regents in place of the muftis unwanted by the minority.

Block of the police while going to the Seçek Yaylası

The anti Turkish Minority state committed a great scandal against the people who were going to the Seçek Yaylası where the traditional greasy wrestlings and other cultural activities had been organising for 700 years.

When the crowd came together, they requested a legitimate explanation from the police. The authorities claimed that there are a group of furious people waiting in the place and in case of they pass over the block they will come face to face with a danger. An interesting point is that the police didn’t do anything against that dangerous group and acted as they are covering the dangerous ones. After the reactions of some minority members the police took the stick of only several protesters. This incident was considered as a threat made by the deep state.

Intervention of the police to the Kurban Bazaar

The state that regularly increases the oppressions against the minority committed a new scandal never seen before. The Kurban Bazaar which had been setting up for centuries faced with the intervention of the police. The people were fined, taken information of their identities and threatened.

The day before the Eid, people left the bazaar after their identity informations were taken by the police and told to pass from the police station in ten days in order to receive their fines.

Even though the deputies mentioned that there were no any finings after the reactions in social media, most of the people did not return to the bazaar. Thus, a tradition which has been lasting for centuries came to an end as scandal with the action of the police.

Are muftis walking into a trap?

Another incident which minority was tricked is the case of the muftis. The assigned muftis were retired according to the new legal regulations made for solving the issue of the muftis. However, things did not go well as there are regents employed in place of them.

The experts say that after that new legal regulation it will be a fairytale to talk about formal muftis. As the same situation in Didymotichon, Rodos and Kos shows as that there are not any muftis placed instead of the regents.

Despite all discriminations made in territory, the minority has conserved its good sense. The Turkish minority has shown a solid attitude and did not let the things go worse and stopped the provocations.

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