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Greece shifts towards extreme-right13 November 2018

Greece shifts towards extreme-right. Extreme-right ideology and values are rising in society. The research made by the USA originated research company Pew in all around Europe between 2015-2017, contains worrying results for the level-headed part of the country.

The results of the research made simultaneously in 34 countries of Europe are as follows:

-89 percent of the Greek society sees their own civilization superior and more important than others’.

-76 percent of the society is in the belief that Orthodox Christianity constitutes the most important part of the Greek civilization. According to this group, only those who are Orthodox Christians can be real Greek citizens.

-74 percent of the Greek society identify the Greek characteristics with blood relation. According to this understanding, ‘blood relation’ is compulsory among Greek citizens. As a result, according to the great majority of the Greek society, one needs to have born from a ‘Hellenic’ mother and father, in a Greek land, or inside the relations about the Greek history in order ‘to be Hellenic’.

-According to the research, 92 percent of the society believe in God. Those who are ready to accept a Muslim as a family member are 31 percent and those who are ready to accept a Jewish is 35 percent.

Democratic part is concerned

Media organizations who are taking an effort to make broadcasts in a democratic line,  political movements and NGOs who are connected to humanistic values, defined the results of the research as ‘worrying’. The democratic press pointed that during the economic crisis years, citizens fell back upon extreme-right movements and this case is a big problem for all democratic organizations and the country, especially governments should take precautions before it gets too late.

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