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"Greece could become a 'battery' for European South"22 October 2018

Greece could become a "battery" for the European South if it raised the pace of installing new renewable energy sources projects, accelerated interconnections and complete a regulatory framework for energy storage, George Peristeris, Terna Energy chairman said.

Addressing a general shareholders' meeting, Peristeris said Greece lagged behind in achieving goals set for renewable energy sources penetration and as a result, the country still largely depended on mostly imported fossil fuels, with very negative consequences on energy cost, energy safety and autonomy of the country.

He noted that if interconnections with Greek islands had been made on time, the benefit for consumers could have totaled 4-5 billion euros. "If we had implemented the plan on renewable energy sources-interconnections-storage, all of the above-mentioned problems would have been resolved in a timely manner," he stressed.

Peristeris said Greece needed a strong and healthy Public Power Corporation. Terna Energy operates, builds and has licensed a project of a total power of 1,166 MW.

Source: ANA-MPA

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