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Western Thrace Student Union (WTSU), (Batı Trakya Öğrenci Birliği-BATÖB) met in Istanbul.04 October 2018

Western Thrace Student Union participants met on Tuesday in Istanbul to welcome the new participants and to shape the activity schedule of the new academic year. 

The meeting which was held in a café in Uskudar started with the speech of Ilyas Molla (Istanbul Batöb President). Afterwards, a presentation took place which was telling about the establishment and mission of Western Thrace Student Union to the new university students who started to study in Istanbul current year.  In the presentation, the president said that the Union is set up in seven different provinces by the students who came to study to Turkey from Western Thrace. "The union is active since March 2017 and in this period numerous activities and events have been organized," added Ilyas Molla.

Later, students discussed the activities of the new period and shared their opinions on the theme. Moreover, the date of the elections of the board of directors was determined and was explained the method of elections which will take place in the next meeting.

The organization which was participated by approximately 20 students was efficient and educative, according to the students. Additionally, participants put into their words the satisfaction and pleasure to participate in the WTSU and to join its activities and events.


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