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Board committees decided to reopen the schools04 October 2018

The committee delegations of the 48 Minority Primary Schools, which had been shut down in Western Thrace since 10 days because of the book confusion in the Greek curriculum, decided to open schools on Wednesday, October 3, as a result of the meeting held in Turkish Union of Xanthi.

Hüseyin Baltacı, President of Xanthi Central Minority Primary School Board Committee, MP Hüseyin Zeybek and President of Kireççiler Minority Primary School Board Committee  who held some meetings in Athens on behalf of the parents, also held a meeting in the Turkish Union of Xanthi and informed the councils and the parents about the discussions they had made.

Hüseyin Zeybek, Hüseyin Baltacı and Ahmet Kara, who have attended the talks in Athens, stated that they would follow the developments closely and inform the committee delegations.

As a result of the reclamations and consultations, the board committee and the parents decided that a period of time is needed in order to follow the developments and that the schools do not need to be closed much more during this period and therefore schools would be opened on Wednesday, 3 October.

In order to reclamate the developments, the councils decided to meet again in the Turkish Union of Xanthi on Monday, October 15 at 19:00.

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